The instant messaging platform currently enables users to make transfers of Litecoin and Bitcoin with the aid of a new bot. Users can also earn crypto through referrals.

Currently, many platforms carryout crypto transactions since crypto transactions are no longer limited to exchanges or crypto wallets. A number of market players have sights on messaging platforms as a tool for making crypto payments.

On Saturday, Zulu Republic announced on Twitter that they launched a special bot for WhatsApp users. It enables users to send and receive currencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) utilizing a new bot.

Earning crypto from referrals

Users can send and receive crypto through the new WhatsApp bot, by installing it and checking the on-screen prompts. The bot also gives users the opportunity to earn crypto by referring friends and by ensuring they install the application.

Currently, the bot has two major language options which are Spanish and English. The native token of Zulu Republic (ZTX) can also be traded along with BTC and ETH.

Crypto payments through other mediums

Startups in the crypto sphere are making tremendous efforts to ensure crypto adoption grows deeper and with wider coverage.

There have been initiatives by several companies who are introducing crypto transactions via messaging platforms. One of such companies is Dash. This makes it easier for users to send and receive cryptocurrency.

Earlier this year, crypto wallet Wuabit started plans of carrying out operations with crypto on WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and SMS. The bot have been around for about a year now. It was launched for Facebook Messenger, Telegram and also for SMS. Whatsapp parent App, Facebook, is developing its own stablecoin for money transfers.

Zulu Republic emphasized that messaging platforms are crucial for spreading crypto adoption as much as possible.


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