Merged Finance Introduction

Today we introduce Merged Finance. They offer a diverse and solid portfolio to invest in. Furthermore, they do this by representing the underlying assets with a single token.

For traders, new or old hands, it can be challenging to keep track of all the new industry developments. Especially, the DeFi landscape is an ever-changing story. However, each trader wants to get a profit out of their investments. That’s where Merged Finance intends to make a difference. Let’s have a look at what they exactly do and offer.

What is Merged Finance?

Merged Finance is a multichain protocol, built by the TruePNL team. They aim to help you invest in a variety of different asset classes. Instead of researching various tools and each single asset, their solution is in one token. This one token gives you access to their various portfolios. Moreover, there is only one single entry point.

Their portfolio covers the following asset classes:

  • Utility 
  • Governance
  • Liquidity provider tokens
  • Vaults
  • NFTs

This shows on one side how diverse their portfolio is. On the other hand, it is also a secure bundle of assets. They will have 3 indexes on their mainnet, once that is up and running.

Merged Finance

Source: Merged Finance website

Merged Finance sees it as their mission to offer a productive, transparent, and accessible investment option. All the daily tracking and management and re-balancing of the portfolio is in their hands. In return, they want to offer a high return with their built-in DeFi tools.

As a result, Merged Finance offers some great benefits.

  • They have a smart rebalancing system—This minimizes gas fees and opens up options for a revenue increase.
  • A built-in staking system—This gives high return on all underlying assets. They are automatically staked.
  • They are multichain—Thus allowing access to all tokens.
The Testnet Launch

The MVP Testnet is up and running. All core features are working. This gives you the opportunity to check everything out. To test it and review it. Furthermore, you can help with their product development. Merged Finance asks all testnet users to share their feedback. 

As an early bird tester, the team will reward you after the official release. For example, you get exclusive access to some features. Getting involved in the testnet is easy. You claim some testnet tokens and sign up. On their Medium blog, they have an easy-to-follow list.

Merged Finance Competitors

The crypto index investment market is just about to open up. On the other hand, they expect fast growth and quick adoption. So, there is a demand for a strong, reliable, and safe product, with easy access. That’s where Merged Finance is already ahead of the competition. So, let’s have a look at what this new protocol brings to the table.

Merged Finance

Source: Merged Finance blog

Index and Set would be their main competitors if we look at the respective TVL. Let’s compare the main features of Merged Finance with them.

  • A smart rebalancing System. This replaces manually balancing. Moreover, if the protocols do this just once a month, the portfolios are out of balance. As a result, there’s a real chance of loss. The smart balancing system rebalances each index regularly. For example, every time a mint or burn event happens.

Merged Finance

Source: Merged Finance blog

  • None of the competitors has a multichain set-up. Furthermore, they work on top of Ethereum. This involves high gas fees. On the other hand, Merged Finance starts with the BNB chain. Polygon, Avalanche, and Ethereum will follow. Furthermore, L2 solutions like Arbitrum and Optimistic are also part of their cross-chain set-up. The team will also add the Moonbeam Network.
  • Built-in staking. Only one competitor, Enzym, has a similar function. Merged Finance enables extra income this way.

All these advantages combined show that Merged Finance is on the leading edge over the current competitors.


Merged Finance offers investors from all walks of life and sorts, to invest in an easy solution. This is their one token and one point entry portfolio. With 3 indexes on the way in their mainnet, this is an exciting option. Their portfolio has various asset classes. 

Furthermore, regular balancing increases overall profits. It eliminates having to investigate in projects and keep track of your portfolio. This new protocol offers a secure and reliable alternative. It’s like a one-stop portfolio management option.

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