3 massive potencial airdrops

Did any of you get the recent Aptos airdrop? I did. I cashed mine in around the $1,000 mark, some people got lucky and could cash them in at $2,000 or more. No doubt about it, airdrops are some of the easiest ways to make free money in a bear market. 

But, finding the right airdrops requires deep research and lot of grinding. This video will save you from all the trouble. In this article, I have covered two things:

  • 3 potential Airdrops that can make you thousands of dollars just like APTOS.
  • How to get qualified to receive these airdrop.

So lets get going!

1) Sui

Sui is one of the most anticipated new Layer 1 blockchains. Their mainnet launch should be in Q1-2023. Hence, expectations about an airdrop are rising. However, hold your guns. On various occasions, Sui have mentioned that they’re not planning on an airdrop. Early testers should get an airdrop. And for us, well, I can give you some hot tips on how to become eligible for a potential Sui airdrop.

My recommendation is to take part in as many Sui projects as well. Plenty of them have NFT test mints coming up. There are also quite a few that are minting POAPs on Galxe. However, to get really down to it, get involved in Sui Network’s 2 main projects:

  • First, get their Sui Wallet. You can install it on Chrome
  • Once you have the Sui wallet set up, get some Sui testnet tokens. There’s a faucet in the extension, and it will give you 0.05 SUI. 
  • Once you have set up the wallet, go to their Capys site
  • Connect your SUI wallet and start breeding the Capys. 
  • You need 2 Capys to start breeding, get two free Capys here, under the ‘Collection’ tab.
  • Start breeding Capys. Click on the ‘+’ sign and off you go.
  • You can get accessories for them or put them up for sale at the Capys marketplace.

Did you by any chance take part in the Capys Holiday Season contest? They just announced the winners. Drop me a comment if you already got involved with Sui. And so we get to our next pick, Taiko.

2) Taiko

Taiko is a decentralized, Ethereum-equivalent ZK-Rollup, funded by Loopring. This fits along with the ZK narrative, the next development of L2. ZK-rollups are the next big thing, it seems, on L2. For example, Polygon is also concentrating on ZK-Rollups. Take note that you need to complete the following tasks before 31st January.

Now before I continue, when doing all the tasks for airdrops, it’s best to use a so-called burner wallet. A burner wallet is not your main wallet. For example, you use a burner wallet for testing new projects, or minting NFTs. Taiko and the next project I will show you, are both on Ethereum. In other words, you can use a MetaMask. Just create a new account and use that as your burner wallet. By doing so, your main wallet doesn’t get exposed to any scams or such. 

Make sure to name your wallets clearly as well. Name them as ‘main’ and ‘burner’ wallet. You don’t want to mix them up. Here are some steps how to separate them:

Step #1: Add 2 networks (Ethereum A1 and Taiko A1) onto your MetaMask. You can do it automatically with this link.

Step #2: Request ETH from both Ethereum A1 and Taiko A1 Faucets

Third Step: Import $HORSE token into your Metamask Wallets.

Step #4: Mint some $HORSE tokens on Ethereum A1 by following the steps below: Visit the bridge and select the network as Taiko A1 and the token dropdown as HORSE.

Step 5: Use the bridge and perform the following steps:

  • Bridge ETH between Ethereum A1 & Taiko A1.
  • Bridge HORSE between Ethereum A1 & Taiko A1.

However, note that bridging may take up to a few hours each.

Sixth Step: Transact between wallets:

  • Send some faucet ETH back and forth between 2 Ethereum A1 wallets.
  • Send some faucet ETH back and forth between 2 Taiko A1 wallets.

Step #7: Follow the Taiko team’s twitter for updates.

3) Zetachain

The ZetaChain is a foundational, public blockchain. It enables omnichain, generic smart contracts, and messaging between any blockchain. ZetaChain fits in with the “Multichain” and “Cross chain” narratives.  We mentioned this already many times. Interoperability will be key for the future of blockchain.

Before I start with this potential airdrop of the ZETA token, 3 reminders:

  • Below is Phase 0 and Phase 1 of their airdrop campaign. Phases 2 and 3 are TBA.  
  • Make sure to complete the following tasks before 15th April 2023.
  • Use a burner wallet for completing the tasks, As I explained before.

Step #1: Follow their socials here: Discord and Twitter.

Step #2: Verify your socials and claim your “ZETA Supporter” OAT on Galxe. Almost 300,000 OATs are already minted. An OAT is an On-chain Achievement Token.

Step #3: Go to their swap page. Now click on the “GET ZETA” header button and connect to the Goerli testnet and connect your Twitter account. You’ll receive some testnet $ZETA and other assets.

Step #4: Swap some $ZETA tokens around to BSC testnet, Polygon Mumbai and back.

Step #5: Now you claim your 2nd NFT on Galxe. Well over 220,000 NFTs are already claimed here.

Step #6: 7 Galaxy has another couple of ZetaChain NFTs to claim. Just complete the tasks to claim the remaining NFTs. The more, the merrier!

You can check your “Zeta Points” that you earned. These are for activities that you’ve done so far.

That’s all, folks! Stay tuned for phase 2 and 3 of their airdrop once the ZETA team announces it on their socials.

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