Morpheus Labs recently announced that you can now stake your $MIND tokens. This should grow the ML SEED ecosystem. There’s a dedicated staking website available. At the same time, on 26th April, a quiz will go live, where you can earn free $MIND. This is the right time to be active in the Morpheus Labs ecosystem.

So, let’s take a closer look at the new staking options by Morpheus Labs and their quiz.

What Is Morpheus Labs?

Morpheus Labs has all the tools to help Web2 companies transition into Web3. Many firms want to transition but lack the know-how or tools. Morpheus Labs can help out with any transition stage a company needs. 

The platform offers Blockchain-as-a-Service. This comes with automation, AI, and low code options. Some options it offers are coin creation, smart contracts, or websites. At the core of this is their SEED platform, which is AI-driven. SEED stands for Solution Environment for Enterprise Development. 

The protocol has its own native token, $MIND. Shortly, we will cover the brand-new staking options for $MIND. The team also managed to onboard some well-known partners. For example, Tencent, Huawei Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Ant Group. The following video explains the transformation to Web3 with Morpheus Labs.

Staking $MIND with ML SEED

Morpheus Labs announced their staking option for their native $MIND token. The staking website is already live. However, let’s first look into some staking details. For instance,

  • There’s an annual APR of 15%.
  • The staking period is set at 120 days.
  • An early withdrawal is not possible.
  • Available $MIND to stake; 40 million on Ethereum and 10 million on Polygon.
  • Individual Max Staking Amount: 500,000 $MIND
  • Individual Min Staking Amount: 10,000 $MIND

This staking program comes to an end on 7th August. It also requires achieving the total cap. In case you like to stake your $MIND, here is the official link. This link brings you to their staking page.

By taking part in this staking program, you help to maintain and grow the ML SEED ecosystem.

How to Stake Your $MIND

When you want to stake your $MIND, you need to fulfill two prerequisites.

  1. Have a compatible wallet. This can be a MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet. You can also use the Wallet Connect App.
  2. You need to have the minimum required amount to stake. For this campaign, that’s 10,000 $MIND. Keep also in mind that the max amount is 500,000 $MIND.

Once this is in place, you can start the staking process.

  • Visit the $MIND staking portal.
  • Connect your compatible wallet. There’s a ‘connect wallet’ button in the top right corner.
  • Choose the Ethereum or Polygon network. The Polygon network should have lower transaction fees. This is to the left of the ‘connect wallet’ button.
  • Put the number of $MIND tokens you want to stake.
  • Click “Stake Now” 
  • Approve the transaction in your wallet.
  • Once, the transaction hash shows next to the ‘stake’ button, you staked your tokens.

At the end of the staking campaign, there will also be a ‘Claim’ button available. You will see the staked amount of $MIND and the rewards back in your wallet. You only need to hit the ‘Claim’ button. 

However, if you want to see your tokens, make sure to add them to your wallet. Here are the two $MIND token addresses. Click “Import Tokens” in your Wallet.

  • The $MIND token contract address on Ethereum is: 0xc9EB61FFb66d5815d643bBB8195e17C49687aE1E
  • On Polygon, the token contract is: 0x280053C54006A624C26989CB8354Fa4cB86f14D1 

Currently, the campaign has already reached the cap. However, Morpheus Labs will start new staking pools in the near future. Below is a picture of the staking page.

Morpheus Labs

Source: Morpheus Labs staking platform

The $Mind Quiz Campaign

On 26th April, Morpheus Labs start the $MIND Quiz Campaign. If you can answer questions about the crypto and blockchain spaces, you may win prizes. To be more specific, how is your ML SEED ecosystem knowledge?

You can also expect questions about various aspects of their protocol. For example, about their ecosystem, the $MIND token, their partners, and more. There will be plenty of questions that will keep you busy.

The reward is in $MIND tokens on the Polygon chain. The first 500 participants, with the correct answers, get up to 1,250 $MIND. So, make sure to supply a valid Polygon wallet address. However, to keep it fair, you can’t enter with multiple entries from the same wallet.

If you’re in to join the fun and win rewards, keep following their social media. Morpheus Labs will share details of the $MIND Quiz Campaign there.


Morpheus Labs announced the long-awaited staking program for their $MIND token. So, we covered all the details and how you can join. The program was successful, and the staking pool has already reached max capacity. However, Morpheus Labs is about to announce new staking pools shortly. You also don’t want to miss out on the $MIND Quiz Campaign. This starts 26th April and has $MIND prizes as rewards.



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