Not-for-Profit hi Platform Hits 1 Million Members Milestone

The not-for-profit cross financial services platform, hi, recorded an amazing one million new members milestone in August 2021. 

This milestone comes barely 100 days following the strategic launch of the private beta of the not-for-profit hi platform and the creation of its native token known as the hi Dollar (HI). The fintech platform hi is also known for working to bridge the gap between traditional financial technology platforms and the crypto space. Its members currently stem from over 150 territories, and its native token was also recently listed on Uniswap.

hi Digital Wallet

The not-for-profit hi platform has also launched a digital wallet providing users with a top-notch and hitch-free payment experience using social media platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. The digital wallet is also powered by its membership token, the hi Dollar (HI). Interestingly, the number of minted hi Dollars is at par with the number of members on the not-for-profit platform.

Speaking about the milestone achievement, hi co-founder Sean Rach pointed out this milestone achievement of one million members by saying, “[…] in less than 100 days is astonishing.” He also thanked the entire hi community for their unwavering support.

For now, hi is arguably one of the fastest-growing blockchain platforms worldwide. Its recent milestone achievement of one million members in less than 100 days is an attestation to this. The platform is focused on creating both a banking and an internet service ecosystem. According to Rach, hi looks “[…] forward to welcoming tens of millions of new members in the coming months.”

According to hi, this amazing growth was achieved without making use of advertising. The not-for-profit platform was first launched under a Singapore-based foundation known as the hi Foundation. Over time, the traditional financial services sphere has enjoyed all forms of member-powered fintech services like credit unions, mutual aid societies, community banks, etc. According to Rach, hi is bringing this same service to the “[…] digital age with community tools and blockchain technology which increase the reach of such organizations.”

Members Are the Major Focus – hi

hi is also member-powered. This means that its members are the major stakeholders, which means the platform is focused on maximizing the benefits they will receive and not focused on maximizing profits. Many fintech platforms today are flawed in that they are more focused on maximizing profits, most times at the expense of members.

hi makes use of popular social media platforms like Telegram, NextLINE, WhatsApp, etc. These applications are readily available on most smartphones. This means that hi services can easily be accessed by interested persons from the comfort of their smartphones.

Members can also easily send funds, make payments, and exchange both conventional currencies and cryptocurrencies without having to pay fees. They can also earn amazing rates and daily rewards. Plans are also in place to launch its mobile app.

Interested persons can also get free hi Dollars (HI) via its ongoing airdrop here.

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