Opera integrates with Tron

Opera, one of the top 5 browsers on the market, has integrated Tron.

Great news for Tron. The  Opera browser (both desktop and Android) is now supporting TRON. This means that 350 million users have direct access to TRX.

The news was announced on October 22. In an official tweet, Opera stated that from now on it is supporting TRX and the TRON foundation. Therefore, TRX is accessible to millions of users through the Opera browser in more than 120 countries. The company management aims to bring crypto to a wider audience.

Charles Hamel, head of the Opera Crypto department, stated: “Most people have heard of bitcoin and thus we saw it as important to support it and make this feature more familiar to a larger group of people.”

Consequently, sending digital money through Opera crypto wallet is as easy as sharing a photo.

TRON founder and CEO, Justin Sun, says “Opera is one of the most important software companies in the world. They are bringing security, privacy, and dynamic cryptocurrency capabilities to hundreds of millions of users. We are proud to connect the largest, active blockchain ecosystem to the best web browser ever built.”

That said, TRON is expanding. In the 3rd quarter of 2019, it engaged over 500,000 users.

Opera crypto wallet

Opera linked its crypto wallet to a wide variety of services. Now users can use their bitcoins directly in the browser. How? By sending and receiving them. The main idea is that you can use Bitcoin and Ethereum on other sites to pay for goods and services. Another significant step is that the browser also supports TRX now. Thus, users have easy access to the fast-growing ecosystem of decentralized TRON DApps.

Besides, this summer, Opera also introduced its crypto wallet for iPhone users. At the moment, it only supports Ethereum and ERC-20 chips.

Recently, Altcoin Buzz reported about the launch of its TRC20-USDT.


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