TOMO New Listing. Trading Competition is Under Way

TOMO Token is reaching new heights. And has extra plans in-store.

Thus, announced TOMO’s listing on October 16. Besides, Atomars, which describes itself as a fast and secure digital assets exchange platform, has recently announced that it is also adding the coin.

These developments show that TomoChain is impressively progressing, announcing new listings and adding new partners to its platform.

To add, the TOMO coin is making deftly moves all the time. And this is no void talk. A bit more than a week ago Binance announced TOMO’s listing.

Besides, following its listing on, TomoChain is offering to earn 36.000 TOMO in trading competition.

TomoChain mainnet officially kicked off back in December 2018. The blockchain and the product’s ecosystem allow users to create efficient and versatile blockchain projects.

TomoUSD next?

Currently, TomoChain is the top public blockchain in Vietnam. The platform offers TomoWallet to its users. The feature is accessible through web and mobile.

Two months ago the company launched the TomoZ project allowing users to pay transaction fees in any token issued over TomoChain.

TomoChain CEO, Long Vuong believes, “TomoZ eliminates all the complicated process of having to hold a native token to pay fees, the experience becomes faster and easier for users. This will encourage users to try out this new technology, and take away their fear of a problematic system.

Find out more about TomoZ here.

The team is also planning to launch TomoUSD, a new stable coin.

“The experience will just be like when you use Paypal. Comparing to TETHER, which is the biggest stable coin now, most of their uses are for trading on the exchange, while normal users do not tend to use every day because you need to own BTC or ETH to send TETHER. With TomoUSD, you can make transactions and pay fees at 1/10 of one cent, even more, convenient than for users. TomoUSD can perhaps be the first stablecoin to penetrate the mass use cases such as remittances, local payments, etc,” says Long Vuong, CEO of Tomochain.




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