ParaState – The ETH – DOT Ecosystem Bridge Testnet Goes Live!

ParaState, the project that aims to become a Polkadot parachain and extend the frontier of Ethereum with substrate framework announced an important milestone. According to the information shared with Altcoin Buzz, ParaState’s first public testnet is live. The public testnet named Plato went live on 22 March. Furthermore, the testnet warm-up period will give future ParaState users an opportunity to verify what the platform will actually deliver.

Currently, the Ethereum ecosystem is facing challenges like slow performance, unsafe smart contracts, high gas fees, and very limited programming language support. However, ParaState is working towards solving these by providing an industry-standard, highly optimized, and next-generation smart contract execution environment. Along with that, it promises to maintain Ethereum compatibility.

Plato Testnet phases

The team closed the internal testing of testnet on 21 March and now it’s open for community developers to test. Between March 22 – April 11, the team will also release Polis, the incentivized testnet identical to mainnet. According to the official blog, the incentivized testnet will attract developers ready to launch with the mainnet platform. However, the team is yet to lock the date for the mainnet launch.

ParaState – Ethereum on Steroids

ParaState is one Polkadot Parachain that makes the Substrate ecosystem capable of supporting Ethereum protocol. Additionally, it is the only parachain to implement a fully operational next-gen smart contract implementation environment, Ethereum WebAssembly.

To top that, EWASM is ready for public launch. Interestingly, EWASM future proofs the Ethereum Polkadot ecosystem bridge by being backward compatible with today’s EVM applications.

Moreover, with ParaState, the Ethereum and Polkadot infrastructures can talk to each other. Furthermore, ParaState provides developers an infrastructure to utilize an optimized industrial standard infrastructure and explore new possibilities on Ethereum.

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