With the Reactive Network, PARSIQ, makes smart contracts, well, a lot smarter. Typically, smart contracts only work on their own networks. As a result, they can’t talk to each other. It allows triggering reactions in smart contracts on different EVM chains. Now it can read other contracts.

So, let’s see what PARSIQ and their Reactive Network are all about. There are also new developments, and we want to share them with you.

What Is the Reactive Network?

Reactive Network by PARSIQ revolutionizes smart contracts as we know them. It allows smart contracts on EVM chains to talk with each other. Until now, that wasn’t possible. For example, during a game, a Polygon smart contract can trigger an action on a different EVM chain. Another great feature is that the actions on both chains are gas free. 

The Relayer Network handles this. It functions not only as an explorer, but also as an oracle. Furthermore, it also allows for on-chain automation. Smart contracts can now work with each other. Another use case is, for instance, arbitrage. Since there are no gas fees on either chain, you can start looking for opportunities. Trading on different EVM chains is now more attractive. You can even build arbitrage trading bots, who do the hard work for you. Since all the information is on-chain, there’s no need for an off-chain oracle.

This also has an impact on blockchain gaming. It allows for Dynamic NFTs. Your standard NFT is static. However, a dynamic NFT can change. For example, when you reach certain levels in a game. You can, for example, upgrade skins or weapons during a game. Another option can be that you receive a new NFT. It all depends on what you achieve. As a matter of fact, smart contracts work simply. If action A happens, it triggers action B. So, now you can use that to ‘upgrade’ NFTs. 

But there’s more happening, new developments are on the horizon, so let’s take a look at them. For instance, there’s a new Reactive Explorer. It allows you to check and get excited about all the activity happening on the network. See the picture below.


Source: Reactive Explorer

Unicornization 2.0 — Take Part in Reactive Network’s Development

PARSIQ launched the Reactive Unicornization campaign. Here you can share your innovative ideas to develop on the Reactive Network. If Reactive Network likes your idea and picks it, you can see it develop over time. Furthermore, there are also some attractive rewards up for grabs.

The campaign lasts until 30th April 2024. There’s a wide variety of ideas that you can submit. Come up with ideas for Reactive Smart Contracts. Make the smart contract interact and respond, by following its code. You can do this between different EVM chains. There’s no need to start any other action, just follow the code. For example, you can think of ideas in these verticals, or be creative!

  • DeFi — AMM, liquidity management, lending/borrowing platforms.
  • Games — Asset management for NFTs and FTs, actions trigger automatically.
  • Data — Cross chain data analysis, track whale wallets, or automated execution.

The great thing is that you don’t need any coding skills. Let the team know what you think needs to be done with the Reactive Smart Contracts.

How to Take Part in the Reactive Unicornization Campaign
  • Idea submission — That’s the most important part of the campaign. The team is looking for unique ideas. These can be for either projects or Dapps. However, they need to take full advantage of what Reactive Smart Contracts are capable of. Anybody can forward these ideas.
  • Online submission — There’s a dedicated website where you can submit your ideas. Outline your idea on the submission form. Explain how it uses the full potential of the Reactive Smart Contracts.
  • Supporting documents — If you have any documents that support your idea, you can admit them. This is not required.
  • Submission review — The team will check each idea thoroughly.
Why Do You Want to Take Part?
  • Shape the future — This campaign allows you to play a part in the future of blockchain technology. Your idea can influence new directions for blockchain. 
  • Win prizes and recognition — Your idea needs to get selected, developed and built. In that case, you will each receive $100 worth in $PRQ tokens. You can submit many ideas and receive rewards for each individual idea.
  • From idea to implementation — Your idea can turn into a real feature for devs to use on the Reactive Network.

This is your moment to shine. So, if you ever had that brilliant idea on how to improve Web3 functionality, this is your chance. For more detailed information, you can visit the PARSIQ blog.


PARSIQ introduced the Reactive Network. It added updates and there’s the Reactive Unicornization campaign. Here you can submit your own ideas on how to make the best use of Reactive Smart Contracts. Become a part of blockchain technology’s history.

The current $PRQ token price is $0.19. It has a market cap of $40 million. There’s a max and total supply of 310 million tokens. The circulating supply is 210 million tokens. Over the last year, $PRQ is up by 54.5%.



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