We love Web3 infrastructure projects. After all, all projects need these tools. One of our favorites is PARSIQ. And PARSIQ has been making waves. 2023 was a year filled with fantastic accomplishments, innovations, and growth for PARSIQ.

Let’s see what PARSIQ has been up to and some of its many accomplishments this past year.

Connecting People to Blockchain

PARSIQ worked hard in 2023 to make blockchain technology easier for everyone to understand and use. They created cool tools that allow regular folks like you and me to connect with the blockchain world. It’s like opening the door to new worlds for more basic, non-crypto-native users.

This year they added

Making Transactions Safer

They made it their mission to keep our digital info safe. Just like we lock our doors to keep our homes safe, PARSIQ is making tools that help protect our digital transactions. This is super important because it means we can use our digital money and data without worrying about it getting stolen.

The Unicorn Workshop and the AliBaba Cloud Partnership are some examples from 2023 where the project is making moves to keep data storage and access safer and easier for more people.

Helping Businesses Grow

PARSIQ doesn’t only help regular users; it also helps businesses. They created tools that let businesses understand their customers better. Imagine if you owned a lemonade stand and had a magic way to know exactly what kind of lemonade everyone wanted. That’s what PARSIQ did for businesses, helping them make better decisions and grow.

You may have heard the phrase “data is the new oil”. This only scratches the surface of how important getting, tracking, and using customer data is for crypto projects. And PARSIQ helps them all to do this. A couple of technical additions to the API software like the new JS Client from the Spring help more projects use PARSIQ tools to manipulate the data they need.

Going Above and Beyond: Caring About Users & the Planet

What’s extra special about PARSIQ is how much they care about the environment. In 2023, they did something awesome called “carbon offsetting.” It’s like planting trees to make up for using energy. PARSIQ made sure they didn’t harm the Earth while creating their great tech products. Their work with ESG DAO to form Open ESG is a sign of this commitment.

PARSIQ had an incredible year in 2023, making the complicated world of blockchain simpler for everyone. They helped keep our digital things safe, supported businesses to grow, and even cared for our planet. With their hard work and dedication, PARSIQ is making a big impact in the world of cryptocurrency!

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