How Should we Play 2024? A High-level Playbook

The sharp decline in inflation across countries, including the United States and Europe, sets the scene for potential rate cuts by the Federal Reserve in 2024.

Consequently, these anticipated rate cuts could lead investors to redirect their funds towards riskier assets such as stocks and cryptocurrencies. This shifts away from the recent trend of favoring less risky assets like short-term government bonds. Let’s discover more about our strategy.

Bullish Trends and Caution

Moreover, the approval of a spot bitcoin ETF by the SEC and the upcoming halving, just four months away, present additional catalysts for cryptocurrencies in 2024.

  • Despite a bullish outlook on high time frames at the beginning of 2024, caution arises in shorter time frames due to Bitcoin’s rapid ascent from 25k to 44k without substantial consolidation.
  • While a temporary pullback is possible, overall optimism prevails.

ETF Approval Impact

Besides, the approval of a bitcoin ETF is a key event to monitor for Q1-2024 performance.

  • Market sentiment, dictated by positioning and price action around ETF approval, may see knee-jerk reactions initially.
  • The time gap between approval and product launch could lead to sell-offs as investors realize the need to wait for inflows.

Nevertheless, ETF approval signifies regulatory acceptance of crypto as an asset class, potentially resulting in improved liquidity flows in the US and increased Bitcoin inflows.

General Playbook
Major Event Bullish/Bearish General Consensus Plan
Q1 ETF Bullish ETF Approval can be a sell-the-news event Maintain 10K Portfolio and take profits from Q4 2023 and Q1 2024 accumulation
Q2 Halving Bearish Halving can be a flush event Rebuild Portfolio, exit non-performing coins, Focus on the metaverse
Q3 Post Halving Hype Bullish High Caps may outperform BTC Get out of High Caps in extreme greed regions
Q4 Fed Rate Cuts Stops Bullish Final Euphoria DCA out of Mid Caps and Low Caps, Get back to Selected Coins


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