Top BRC-20 Low-cap Coins with 50-100x Potential

2023 was a better year for the crypto industry, as we slowly. But, it steadily moved away from the thick part of the bear market into better sentiments. Also, several crypto narratives took center stage last year.

Some of these narratives include Layer 2, Ordinals, Chinese Coins, AI, and BRC-20. The BRC-20 narrative was arguably one of the biggest of the pack, exceeding the $3 billion market cap milestone. In this article, you will discover more about BRC-20 tokens and 3 important tokens you should be aware of.

The Importance of BRC-20 Tokens

The numbers show that BRC-20 has the potential to be a long-term trend. For example, transaction activity remains high despite some downtimes. In addition, the BRC-20 ecosystem is expanding with several remarkable projects.

So, it makes sense to not only monitor the BRC-20 space but to also look out for projects that can make solid investments. Most of these projects are low-cap projects. This means they are currently in lower price ranges and present a good entry point. They also have the potential to do up to 50x-100x.ย 

Prominent CEXs like Binance have shown support for the BRC-20 ecosystem and listed the tokens of some of these projects. This support improves liquidity. Furthermore, it signals the relevance of the space. As earlier stated, there are lots of BRC-20 projects. But itโ€™s still early enough to get in on one of these projects. So here are three major low caps to consider.

1) Chax Bitcoin (Chamcha)

Chamcha is an RWA pioneer in the Bitcoin ecosystem. It is also a liquidity infrastructure for ordinary, atomic, and taproot assets and a yield protocol for BRC20 projects. This project seeks to catalyze entry into the Bitcoin ecosystem. And provide more market opportunities for BRC20 as well as extra liquidity.

Given that Bitcoin halving will take place this year, we expect BTC’s value to surge. So, it makes sense to integrate RWA with the Bitcoin ecosystem. That’s what Chamcha focuses on.

It plans to bring in more users and project developers to the ecosystem. Furthermore, ChamCha is creating a L2 rollup. The goal is to scale ordinals and atoms. It will also extend them to the wider Bitcoin DeFi sector.

The $CHAX token is ChamChaโ€™s native token. $CHAX currently trades at $0.00628401. We do not have details of its market cap yet. However, the token has recorded a 25.60% price increase in the last 24 hours.

2) OrdiZK

OrdiZK seeks to help you stay anonymous on BRC-20. Their goal is to protect your privacy. It provides fully shielded transactions with zero-knowledge proofs. This way, your financial activities stay private during the bridging process, ensuring that your financial activities are kept confidential throughout the bridging process.

The OrdiZK bridge uses zk-SNARKS technology to establish an unlinkable path between Ethereum and Bitcoin transactions. $OZK is the native token of OrdiZK. It serves as an access pass to all current and future tools and is available on platforms like Uniswap V2 (Ethereum).

$OZK currently trades at $0.007879. Thereโ€™s no information about its market cap on CoinGecko. However, it has recorded a price increase of 44.8% in the past 7 days.

3) Dova Protocol

Dova Protocol is a lending and borrowing protocol with an integrated MultiBit bridge. This allows users to easily transfer their BRC-20 tokens across chains. In addition, users can leverage the Dova Protocol on Ethereum for collateralized lending with the transferred tokens.

We expect BRC-20 projects to soar as Bitcoin continues to perform strongly. However, the sector could suffer a decline if Bitcoin takes a hit. So, itโ€™s best if you invest as much as you can bear. Better still, do your own research.


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