Plasma.Finance Introduces the Flash Rebalancer

On the 3rd of March, Plasma.Finance introduced the Flash Rebalancer, its latest feature to be released alongside the PlasmaSwap DEX.

Flash Rebalancer from Plasma.Finance will enable the transfer of liquidity between pools in just one transaction.

Do More in Just One Transaction

Flash Rebalancer will help users do so much in just one transaction. Plasma.Finance recognized that the rebalancing of liquidity over several swap pairs can lead to high friction and expensive fees. With this unique feature, you can adjust your liquidity to as many trading pairs as you want in just one transaction.

Using the “one-stop all-access” DeFi platform, users can customize their liquidity rebalancing to the exact amount of liquidity that is needed to redistribute across one trading pair to another. Users can also set their liquidity redistribution process across many other trading pairs as desired. With just one transaction, users can execute all the processes simultaneously.

Save Time and Money

The Flash Balancer helps to save time. There is no need to wait for individual transactions to be confirmed before going on to the next one. The Flash Rebalancer enables all pairs to be rebalanced all at once. With this, users can make sure their calculations are accurate during the one-time process.

Saving time also leads to saving money in this case. By carrying out all liquidity redistribution processes at a go, users no longer have to pay for individual transactions. This unique feature allows users to pay just a single fee for the entire rebalancing process.

Getting Started With the Flash Balancer

Here’s an example on how Flash Balance works. For instance, you’re providing liquidity on aETH pool on SushiSwap which helps you to earn trading fees and A token rewards. Along the line, you find better A rewards on Uniswap with another aLTC pool. You would usually have to do four on-chain transactions in such a situation.

These transactions include removing liquidity from aETH pool on SushiSwap, buying LTC with ETH, buying aLTC with aETH, and then adding liquidity to the aLTC pool on Uniswap. With these four transactions, you’d normally spend four times the time and four times the cost.

Since Flash Rebalancer can do all these processes in one transaction, you end up saving 75% of the time and money. If you want to try it out yourself, you’ll have to wait for the Flash Balancer to be released alongside the PlasmaSwap DEX later in March 2021.

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