Polygon ID Launches and Offers Three Great Features

Web3 is the future direction where the internet is heading for. It promises that we, the users, have much more control over our creations or work. But how is it with our identity and all relevant information? That is where Polygon ID steps up.

This digital ID is portable and not app specific. Most importantly, we, the users, control it. Not some corporation. It found its home on a blockchain. It prefers that much better than a private database. So, let’s dive into this new Polygon ID and see what it is all about.

What Is Polygon ID?

Polygon ID is a private and autonomous identity solution. Zero-knowledge cryptography powers this solution. It is specifically designed for DAOs. It launched June 22, 2022, and the Polygon DAO integrated it immediately. More DAOs will follow soon.

This ID is about to flip the current internet trust model. Currently, to get access to the most basic web services, we must trade our data. However, platforms should really be doing something else. They should ask us the private information that we control.

That is precisely what Polygon ID does. As a result, it puts us, the users, in full control of our data. So, there is no more need to selectively share any personal information. How the ID generates the proof remains shielded. The picture below, shows how the current and Polygon ID systems work.

Polygon ID

Source: Polygon blog

How Does Polygon ID Work?

Polygon ID works with three great features.

1. Private proof of personhood

Polygon built ID using ZK knowledge and its related proofs. To clarify, ZK stands for zero-knowledge. This means that you can prove something without revealing any information.  Except, the fact that the statement is true. So, in this case, you can prove who you say you are. However, you don’t reveal any personal info. 

2. Anonymous, credentialed voting

In other words, in real life, voter anonymity is a given. But, on a blockchain-based voting system, it’s different. They tie your voting behavior to public identifiers. This changes now with Polygon ID. Especially, DAOs have now new options. As a result, they can use ecosystem-wide attestations about their users. But there’s no need to collect any private information anymore. Furthermore, they rely on the information provided by the ZK proof. And of course, the issuer (you). You are the ultimate source of this trust. Once you’re verified, activity is completely private.

3. Private reputation building

An interesting aspect is that Polygon ID offers a few extras. For instance, fully private and verifiable reputation building. This means that if you add value to a DAO, you can receive rewards for doing so. These can be financial rewards. On the other hand, they can also be decision-making powers within the DAO.

How DAOs Can Use This

As a result, the DAO can use these attestations for a wide range of features. For example:

  • For governance, assisting in decision-making.
  • Incentive distribution.
  • Targeted airdrops.

To achieve this, they combined the following:

  1. Iden3 protocol — A next-generation private access control. It’s based on self-sovereign identity. They designed this for decentralized and trust-minimized environments.
  2. CircomZK toolkit — A novel domain-specific language. It defines arithmetic circuits. They use these to generate zero-knowledge proofs.

As the team states, “This created the most powerful application of ZK technology that can run on a mobile device.”

Polygon ID

The Polygon ID Roadmap

Furthermore, the team uses an open-source voting module on the Grail platform. This is already live. Coming up is on-chain recording of votes. This will make smart contract execution in a ZK environment a reality.

Other roadmap targets include, for example:

  • Platform — An open, public platform for developers and organizations. Used to define and manage the trust lifecycle of their applications. 
  • Connect — A public service platform. This integrates access across the native app. Also, other applications can integrate this way.

The Polygon ID combines for the first time ZK proof and DAOs. It opens many opportunities to control your personal data on Web3 privately. It offers three great features in the Polygon network:

  1. Private proof of personhood
  2. Anonymous, credentialed voting 
  3. Private reputation building

The Platform and Connect will also launch soon. This opens up frictionless interaction options for users. Both Web2 and Web3 products and services can enjoy this. Polygon technology at its best.

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