Proton mainnet launch and Metal x integration

Popular blockchain mainnet Proton is now live. The decentralized tech platform announced the successful launch of its blockchain mainnet on April 29.

Proton has gone live with 15 validators serving as block producers on the platform. Some of them include the core “Proton consortium” of Greymass, CryptoLions, EOS Cafe, EOS USA, and also Metal.

In a Medium blog post, the platform disclosed that the blockchain can be analyzed in real-time. Also, users can make use of the platform if they own a Lynx wallet. The wallet makes it possible to easily create an account or to send and receive tokens. 

The blog post also disclosed that the mainnet launch was a step forward for unifying the Lynx and Metal technologies into a combined “push to wallet experience”. In addition to the mainnet launch, Proton also disclosed that its native XPR tokens would now be live on the blockchain. With the Lynx wallet, users can now create Proton accounts to enable the sending and receiving of the XPR tokens.

Lynx users to enjoy airdrops

First, it is important to note that, users with a LynxChain account on the Lynx wallet already get a system-created new Proton account. The blog post elaborated that this system-created account would be based on the snapshot of the key pair of the user’s LynxChain account.

The Proton blog post expanded on how the airdrops would work. Users who did not claim any ERC-20 XPR earlier became eligible for their first airdrop on April 29, with four more airdrops in a subsequent two-month gap. 

For users of the Proton Airdrop DApp on Lynx Wallet, they received their first airdrop already. So for them, the April 29 airdrop was the second installment with only three more for every two months.

Proposed Metal X Integration

According to the blog post, plans are in place to integrate XPR support on Metal X. As a result, it would be now possible for users to send or receive XPR on Metal Pay 3.0. Once the integration is complete, users will also be able to purchase XPR on Metal X and make use of it on the Proton blockchain.

DApps and payment integrations

The blog post further pointed out that the Proton mainnet launch would impact in a new way regarding how crypto apps interact with users’ wallets.  Earlier, most apps used a “plugin or desktop with hardcoded AppStore”. However, the new launch would change this by carrying out every action via push and authentication.

The platform also disclosed plans to build more top-notch apps on Lynx going forward. It gave the example of the “universal signing API gateway”, expected to go live alongside Metal Pay 3.0. Proton concluded that post-launch of its mainnet, this would displace the Lynx mobile, as well as its desktop clients.

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