best $1500 crypto portfolio for 2023

We know for many of you that your dry powder is low. You probably bought the dip of your favorite projects 2 or 3 dips ago. We know how you feel. So today we are taking a special look.

Where would we put $1500 of our own money right now? And we came up with 8 great choices for your crypto portfolio. And they include a couple of names we haven’t mentioned recently as now some of our old favorites are bargains again. Curious? Where would you put $1500? Well, we are going to show you. Right now.

Coin 1: MATIC

When thinking of where would be a good place to invest $1500 right now, MATIC was the first coin to come to mind for many of us here at Altcoin Buzz. So, many of us have done this exact thing of put $1500 into it. Whether it’s:

  • Being a top Ethereum Layer 2 solution with its own chain
  • Leading in ZK (zero knowledge) tech
  • Growing its presence in NFTs
  • Its huge Web 2 partnerships like Instagram

It just seems like everything is coming up roses for Polygon. And it still has a cheap unit price of under $1 so you can feel like you are loading up by buying 1500 of something high quality.

Coin 2: AVAX

Avalanche has been quiet in recent weeks. But they have a couple of big things going for themselves. There is huge interest froms NFTs and GameFi in spinning out their own subnets to operate their own chains. Their new Core Wallet is a contender for the top Web3 Metamask alternative wallet.

They are the home, along with Arbitrum to GMX, who is one of the top 2 decentralized derivatives platforms. And Avalanche is getting deeper into liquid staking now too. Also, AVAX is making lots of moves but their chain is still declining like the rest of the market. It’s a good buy here.

Coin 3: GMX/GLP

Our 3rd coin of the day gives you the potential of 2 for 1 or even 3 for 1. One of the few protocols to buck the price trend of this market is GMX. GMX is one of the largest decentralized perpetual futures markets in crypto. It’s also the largest protocol on the ETH Layer 2 Arbitrum.

So here you are buying a leader, an emerging DeFi protocol. And people want decentralized choices for futures trading so they aren’t stuck trading on Binance or the former FTX. It’s important and will only become moreso in 2023 to have DeFi options for options, futures, derivatives and other trading contracts.

GMX has 2 tokens: GMX and GLP. Both could be worth buying for $1500 or splitting your $1500 in two. Both earn fees from the GMX platform and pay you. GMX gets 30% and is the governance coin. GLP is the liquidity coin for traders on the marketplace and they get 70% of the fees.

So these coins will grow in value if you believe in decentralized trading. And even better, Arbitrum doesn’t have its own coin yet although one is rumoured for 2023. So, buying GMX and/or GLP is a proxy for buying Arbitrum. If GMX grows, Arbitrum will too. Also, as a bonus, you may qualify for a potential Arbitrum coin airdrop if you use GMX to trade and hold or stake there. So that’s a nice bonus.

Coin 4: ATOM

Our 4th coin for a $1500 investment is another favorite, Cosmos. We love interoperability as a theme. Even more than Avalanche’s subnets, the Cosmos ecosystem is the biggest and most successful out there for those wanting to build their own chains.

There’s more than $8 billion in market value in Ecosystem projects and we only expect that to increase in 2023. As the ecosystem grows, so will ATOM’s value. Not to mention, you can stake ATOM with many Cosmos validators for a net return of 18-20%. Great ROI on a top project.

Coin 5: Near

Next we have Near Protocol. Near is doing now what Ethereum wants to do in the future. Have a fast layer 1 chain that uses sharding to help scale for now and later. Sharding lets nodes store part of the information from a block and not have to store every piece of data from every block. It means the database is smaller, faster, and more scalable.

It’s Ethereum’s end goal and Near is already doing it. They have their own Layer 1 and Aurora, which is their EVM. They are adding more than 20,000 new accounts per day and over 320,000 transactions per day. This is an active ecosystem we expect to grow from here.

Coin 6: Link

Have you noticed a theme yet? Many of these projects are leaders in their sector of the crypto economy: ATOM-interoperability, MATIC-ETH Layer 2, and GMX-DeFi trading in futures. And here we have another leader: Chainlink.

We haven’t mentioned Chainlink in a while but as Web3 grows so will Chainlink. Chainlink is the leading oracle in crypto. That means they are providing the valuable link for Web3 apps between blockchain and real world data. Things like stock prices or the weather that apps need.

Web3 doesn’t operate in a vacuum separate from Web2 or other ‘real life’ happenings. And oracles like Chainlink bring them together. It’s an important infrastructure function.

And one more good reason to put $1500 into Chainlink now is that FINALLY you can stake the $LINK token. And when you do, you can earn 4.75%. A nice return again for top quality. At its current price, your $1500 would earn you another $71.25 meaning you would be holding an additional 15.03 $LINK at the end of the year just by buying, holding, and staking. This is one of the lowest risk/reward ratios in crypto right now.

Do you have a favorite infrastructure project for Web3? What projects are we missing? Let us know in the comments below.

Coin 7: Secret Network

Our 7th coin hits on another major theme: Privacy. So, if there’s one good thing that came from all the centralized project implosions this year, it’s that privacy has made a huge comeback in popularity.

Everyone should have at least 1 outlet for making private transactions where you can disclose only what you want to who you want. And our top choice for privacy is one of our Altcoin Buzz gems. Secret Network.

On Secret, you have the bonus that both its own blockchain and its ecosystem are all private. For those interested in privacy tech, they use TEEs or Trusted Execution Environments to keep sender, receiver, and transaction data hidden and private.

It’s simply one of the best places in crypto to invest if you believe in the value of privacy.

Coin 8: ALGO

Our last coin for the day is Algorand. One of the trends that scares us the most but it’s inevitable is more countries launching CBDCs. And we can’t stop it even though ultimately I think it’s bullish for all crypto but especially Bitcoin. After they try the junk version of digital currency, they will want the real thing.

And Algorand’s primary mission is to bring TradFi into crypto. This is a mission we like and agree with even if we don’t like CBDCs. But for now, CBDCs are coming and Algorand is by far the top issuing chain for countries to pick to issue their centralized digital currencies.

We see this trend as unstoppable so we might as well try to make money from it and Algorand is the way to do that.

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