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Take a look at this “The Aptomingos NFTs” had a free mint on BlueMove. Their floor price is now at 165APT. That’s more than $1320. The Aptos Monkeys collection did an x6 within an hour after their mint and is now at x7. This Aptos minting wave has just started.

But sorry Aptos, that launch was not a good show, despite the airdrop. APT, Aptos’ native token, settled now around $7-8. Despite a disappointing Aptos mainnet launch, I’m still bullish on Aptos. And more specifically on its ecosystem. But be careful out there, the first rug pull on Aptos is already a fact after the Aptorses mint on its Rare. So, that’s why I’m going to give you 3 well-vetted Aptos ecosystem projects today. I think that these are straight up and are the next bull run gems. Let’s dive straight in.

Project # 1: InSilva NFTs

The number of NFT projects on Aptos is massive. It’s not easy to find blue-chip collections. Aptomingos and Aptos Monkeys clearly made it. There are a few more projects waiting to start minting. Be aware, though, a lot of these projects have no websites or roadmaps yet. Still, a few stand out.

insilva nft

Source: Twitter

One that stands out is InSilva. They are more than just an NFT collection. They aim to become the first cross-dimensional lifestyle brand of the Web3 age. This means that they are active in design, fashion, and culture. They enter the phygital space. In other words, you can use your IRL clothes on your metaverse avatar. 

For design, they also get kudos from me. Their NFT collection consists of two races. Elves and Humans. Check out these beautiful NFTs. So, right now, there’s no information available about when and where they will mint. However, on their whitelist, there are already 4000+ people. They are active on Twitter (25.8K followers) and you can join their Discord (18.9K).

There are still options available to grab a whitelist. I can only recommend grabbing one if you can. They seem to look after their community, they have good ideas and a vision. That’s why I recommend this project. So, here are some other potential blue chip projects on Aptos that haven’t been minted yet:

  • The Uglies NFT with 24.5k in Twitter/13.7K Discord.
  • Rekt Dogs with 80.7K in Twitter/ 149K Discord.
  • Gen3 Punks with 11.4K in Twitter.
  • Bruh Bears with 63K in Twitter/ 32K Discord.

insilva nft collecion

Source: Twitter

You can also check out some Aptos launchpads:

So, did you already buy any Aptos NFTs? Let us know in the comments which ones or which projects you support. Now we move on to a different part of their ecosystem, DeFi. Let’s have a look at Pontem.

Project # 2: Pontem Network

The Pontem Network has a few things to offer. They already have their own ecosystem going. For example:

  • The Pontem Wallet
  • Liquidswap, a DEX with an AMM
  • The Move Playground for coding
  • Intellij IDE plugin for Move. This integrates Move & Aptos into projects
  • ByteBabel. A Solidity to Move bytecode translator. But at 100,000 TPS. Or in other words, an EVM. This is not live yet.

The team is fully doxxed, which is great to see. They are already active in crypto since 2014. So, as you can see, they offer both devs and us, the users, a haven. For us, the wallet and the DEX are of interest.

Their Pontem Wallet was the first crypto wallet on Aptos. Currently, it’s only available as a Chrome desktop extension. It’s a good Aptos wallet. The wallet ranks in performance up there with all other Aptos wallets. Inside the wallet, there’s a tab that lets you connect with other Aptos dApps. For example, 

  • Ditto Finance
  • Tsunami 
  • Hippo

But also straight into some popular launchpads, like:

  • BlueMove
  • Proton

This is their DEX and the first AMM on Aptos. The Pontem team are early birds indeed! They offer low fees with low slippage. The DEX is live and will host all tokens from the Aptos ecosystem. I see Pontem as a serious contender inside the Aptos network. They are solid, early, and with a strong team that offers good projects. That’s why you find them back here.

In case you have already used any Pontem projects, we love to hear from you in the comments. And this brings us to our next project, the Aptos Names.

Project # 3: Aptos Names

Aptos Labs developed this name’s project. Yes, that’s right, the same people behind Aptos, the blockchain. Besides the blockchain, they also released other projects. For instance: 

And also the Aptos Names. A few months ago we already talked about how.ETH killed it. 4 ENS, Unstoppable Domains, ring a bell? Check this video that should be popping up right now.

So, other blockchains also have their own name services, like Solana or Polkadot. There are various Aptos Name Services that fight for their right to party in the Aptos ecosystem. I think it’s best to stay close to the source and that is why I recommend this project.

They are part of the bigger Aptos team and have all their power and money behind them. Currently, you can only register for 1 year. However, this time period will extend in the future.

6 and more characters are 5 APT per year:

  • 5 -> 20 APT
  • 4 -> 40 APT
  • 3 -> 80 APT

Did you mint your APT name already? Let us know in the comments.

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