Top Crypto Influencers Joining dHEDGE as Managers

dHEDGE recently announced that crypto influencers RealSatoshi, DataDash, and Flood will be joining its management.

As a protocol for the management of decentralized assets, dHEDGE leverages on the Ethereum blockchain to connect globally-renowned investment managers with investors.

Recently, dHEDGE DAO conducated a second “Open Call for Managers.” This call was accepted with so much interest that dHEDGE recorded almost 100 applications.

dHEDGE Welcomes RealSatoshi, DataDash, and Flood To Its Management

In this second Open Call for Managers, dHEDGE received so many applications from major crypto traders and influencers that the dHEDGE investment committee had a very hard job in choosing the final shortlist of those to bring aboard as managers.

In the process, the investment committee had to leave out very promising managers, as well as some established managers, from this investment round. After careful selection, the dHEDGE investment committee officially announced that top crypto influencers DataDash, Flood, and RealSatoshi had made the cut and will be joining the dHEDGE platform as managers.

Community MembersThat Contributed To the Process

The dHEDGE platform appreciated the committee and applicants who participated in the Open Call. The platform also acknowledged some members of the community that contributed to the entire process. Such members include Kelvin Tan (DeFi Capital), Su Zhu (CEO of Three Arrows Capital), Eraser Rongbin Li (founding partner at SevenX Ventures), and Andrew Køng (co-founder at Mechanism Capital).

Some other members include Ana Andianova (Klein Blue Capital), Jocy Lin (founding partner at IOSG Ventures), Priyanka Desai (member at the LAO), Hugh (YBB Foundation), Blake Gao (LD Capital), and Jademont Zheng (Waterdrip Capital).

Investors in the dHEDGE Platform

The dHEDGE DAO has previously planned on investing up to 500,000 sUSD. However, some investors have committed an extra 950,000 sUSD. The investors that have committed to this course include IOSG Ventures, LD Capital, Three Arrows Capital, Mechanism Capital, DeFi Capital, The LAO, YBB Foundation, Seven X Ventures, Klein Blue Capital, and Waterdrip Capital.

However, DHT stakers still hold the final say concerning the investment decision by the DAO. Stakers were also advised to visit here so that they will be able to cast their vote for the investment proposal.

dHEDGE also has the support of some of the biggest crypto players, including Cluster Capital, LD Capital, BlockTower Capital, Lemniscap, DACM, Bitscale Capital, IOSG Ventures, NGC Ventures, Maple Leaf Capital, Framework Ventures, and Kyber Network.

DHT Price

At the time of publication, the price of DHT, the native token of dHEDGE, was $3.89, with a market cap of $34,217,767 and a 24-hour trading volume of $3,217,793.

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