Top Crypto News 12-20

Not many changes took place in the cryptocurrency market over the weekend. Bitcoin is currently trading close to $46,000 (approximately -2.5%). While Ethereum is trading at $3,816.66 which is an estimated 3.0% price loss. This is today’s Top Crypto News.

The entire cryptocurrency market cap today is $2,148,971,929,992 with a 24-hour trading volume of $91,457,229,113. Bitcoin (BTC) has a dominance of 40.6% while Ethereum (ETH) has a market dominance of 21.1%. Overall, this is a good time to hold on to your crypto assets and maybe even buy more of the dip.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today.

1. Scaleswap Launch Wrapped NFT Pre-IDO Launchpad

The world’s first-ever wrapped NFT pre-IDO launchpad is set to officially go live soon, thanks to Scaleswap. According to reports, the NFT space is arguably the most sought-after sphere of the entire blockchain and cryptocurrency space right now. The introduction of wrapped NFT further helps to accentuate this notion. Wrapped NFTs simply put is an ERC721 NFT token that is pegged to another asset.

The basic technology needed for Wrapped NFTs was designed by Envelop. Using Envelop’s technology, Scaleswap will launch its Wrapped NFT Pre-IDO launchpad. Scaleswap has always been noted for its dedication to its community members and its focus on innovation.

2. StarPunk Metaverse Welcomes The Parallel

StarPunk Metaverse today announced that the next SPO project to go live on its Starpad is The Parallel. The Parallel is an NFT gaming project and infinite metaverse providing interested players with the ability to create vast symbiotic dream worlds.

Worlds where there are endless possibilities, vast landscapes, culture, society, etc. Players will also have the opportunity to amass NFTs and earn rewards by simply playing.

3. OpenOcean $OOE Single Staking On Binance Smart Chain

OpenOcean $OOE tokens single staking is now live on Binance Smart Chain. To further facilitate the staking, OpenOcean also partnered with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) MVBIII winner ZOO Crypto World.

The staking is expected to last for 60 days. Starting on December 18, 2021, to February 16, 2022.

4. Chiliz Adds Support for $ENDCEX Fan Token

Fan engagement exchange platform Chiliz has added support for Endpoint CeX fan token $ENDCEX. The listing starts today, December 20, 2021, at exactly 15:00 (CET).

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