With the Metaverse trend in full force, KSM Starter is seeing plenty of new Metaverse-related projects spring up. Most Metaverse initiatives, on the other hand, lack a launch experience that really embraces the Metaverse’s nature. Initial Metaverse Offering is the solution from KSM Starter.

KSM Starter introduces the Initial Metaverse Offering. It is a launchpad initiative for metaverse-focused projects (IMO). The entrance of popular brands like Adidas, Nike, Facebook, and Google is only making the metaverse more exciting. As a result, various projects are fighting for a piece of the metaverse market.

What is KSM Starter’s IMO?

The Initial Metaverse Offering (IMO) is a unique creation from KSM Starter. It is a metaverse-themed launch initiative to help new and future metaverse projects. There are two steps to the IMO initiative:

  • Token sale
  • Metaverse item sale

The token sale represents the standard IDO allocation process that new projects go through before issuing tokens over a vesting period. The IMO, on the other hand, is unusual in that after the token sale is a Metaverse item sale. Participants can use their purchase token allocation to buy products on the Metaverse.
IMO is available in two different modes:

  • Virtual
    Virtual IMOs, or VIMOs, will be available through the KSM Starter VR/AR/XR lobby, which is coming soon. Users can access the lobby via their smartphone in AR or XR mode, or connect via their VR headset for a completely immersive experience. Users can view project details in the lobby and use the site to purchase their allocations.
  • Physical
    For individuals who still prefer their classic laptops, physical IMOs, or PIMOs, are available too. PIMO allows users to participate in the same way they would in an IDO, making it a simple and natural process for everyone.

The first IMO will take place in January 2022. The team at KSM Starter is working around the clock to make the experience as smooth and efficient as possible. It is the first of its type in the launchpad sector. The first IMO will almost certainly be a PIMO, whereas the second, scheduled for February 2022, will almost certainly be a VIMO.

About KSM Starter

KSM Starter, Kusama’s main launchpad, is designed to give early-stage assistance and public funding. The community and shared values of fairness, openness, and decentralized organization drive KSM Starter. Community members are incentivized to participate in the pre-IDO selection process. Collaboration is fostered across launched projects by motivating community members to support earlier launches by awarding them with increased lottery probabilities, which is also unique to KSM Starter. This, together with the KST Ecosystem Council, creates a network effect that allows all projects to succeed and have a long-term impact on Kusama.

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