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This is Part 2 of an article series about Bloktopia. Here’s a link to Part 1

This is a continuation article from our previous research on Bloktopia. Today, we’re looking at what Bloktopia is exactly and what its $BLOK token is.

We’ll teach you more about Bloktopia and how and where to buy the $BLOK token.

What Is Bloktopia?

To recap, Bloktopia is a metaverse project built on the Polygon Layer 2 network. It comprises a 21-story skyscraper that offers Virtual Reality (VR) experiences. Bloktopia hopes to create an immersive, engaging metaverse.

Source: Bloktopia

To do so, they’ve designed their metaverse to cater to users with an interesting variety of crypto experiences. Also, they aim to position their skyscraper as a content hub for information and entertainment. Moreover, they’re using an advanced 3D creation engine. This software will improve their project’s visuals and experiences.

With this, users of Bloktopia (A.K.A Bloktopians) can enjoy an array of benefits. These include earning revenue through:

  1. Real Estate Ownership.
  2. Advertising.
  3. Playing Games.
  4. Building Networks etc.

But, you may ask: How stunning are these graphics you speak of?. Well, as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. We’ll show you more than that. Feast your eyes on their video trailer below!

From the trailer above, you can see that Bloktopia is also working with some big names in blockchain and entertainment. It seems they’re really building an ecosystem here. But, how would they tie it all together? The short answer – Using a token of course!

What Is the $BLOK Token?

Bloktopia has a native ERC-20 token called $BLOK. However, $BLOK is also available on Polygon. $BLOK tokens can be used for:

  1. Purchasing items within Bloktopia’s metaverse, such as virtual real estate or other NFTs. This process is known as “Reblok”. Real estate is available for leasing or flipping for profit.
  2. Rewarding Bloktopians from advertising revenue. This process is known as “Adblok”. Advertisers who pay for ad space within Bloktopia will pay $BLOK rewards. A portion of this revenue goes to rewarding Bloktopians.
  3. Participating in governance and staking.
  4. Accessing exclusive events and pre-sales.

Indeed, Bloktopia has just held their Reblok land sale! An interesting fact is that all $BLOK tokens used in the sale will be burnt. Such deflationary pressures usually improve a token’s price appreciation.

How to Buy Bloktopia’s $BLOK Token?

Now, if you’re interested in getting some $BLOK tokens for utility or investment, keep reading on. We’re gonna teach you 2 methods on how to do just that:

  1. Method #1 – Using Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) like Kucoin or MEXC.
    • If you already have crypto on Kucoin or MEXC, buying $BLOK is easy. Just sell your crypto into $USDT. Then, use your $USDT to buy $BLOK. You can do so through the $BLOK/$USDT trading pairs for Kucoin or MEXC.
    • But, if you do not have any crypto on these exchanges yet, you could consider sending it over from your wallet or other CEXs. Otherwise, you could buy $USDT from Kucoin through their “Fast Trade” option as well. They’ve got plenty of payment partners to choose from. Once you’ve gotten your $USDT, you could then trade it for your $BLOK tokens!

      Kucoin Fast Trade
      Source: KuCoin
  2. Method #2 – Using Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) like Quickswap.
    • To use a DEX like Quickswap, you need to have $MATIC (for gas fees) and $USDT on your Metamask Wallet first.
    • Then, check the contract address for $BLOK. You can do so on their Coingecko page. Ensure you’ve input the $BLOK token’s contract address (0x229b1b6c23ff8953d663c4cbb519717e323a0a84) in the input field below. Now, you can swap your $USDT for $BLOK tokens.

      Quickswap BLOK Tokens
      Source: QuickSwap

Congratulations! Now you’ve got yourself some $BLOK tokens. They’re now either in your CEX wallet or in your Polygon Metamask wallet!

Where to Buy Bloktopia’s $BLOK Tokens?

In the above 2 methods, we’ve already discussed 3 places to get $BLOK tokens. For all exchanges supporting $BLOK, refer to their Coingecko Markets page. From here, you’d be guided on where $BLOK tokens are traded. See the below screenshot for $BLOK token’s ready markets. These could include both CEXs or DEXs.

BLOK Markets
Source: CoinGecko

As a general guideline, look for exchanges offering:

  • Low Spread. 
  • High Volume.
  • Green Trust Score. 

All these help to ensure that you get an accurate price for your $BLOK tokens. With the list above, I would recommend you get $BLOK tokens from Kucoin or Quickswap.


In the 2nd part of this article, we’ve answered another 4 questions for Bloktopia. Indeed, the metaverse sector is slated for explosive growth. With so many projects working towards launch, it’ll be wise not to miss out on Bloktopia’s development.

The current BLOK price is $0.00331. Over the last 14 days, BLOK is up 10.8%. The market cap is $58 million. Out of the 200 billion BLOK tokens max supply, only 17.5 billion circulate. Once again, this is something to keep in mind.

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