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Apeiron is an exciting blockchain game that combines the thrills of play-to-earn gaming and the hype & utility of NFTs. The game also falls under the god game genre; a term used to describe games that put the player in a god’s role. This makes for an intriguing plot.

Apeiron developers have spent more than 5 years developing the game. While many blockchain games tend to emerge half-baked with poor graphics and almost boring plots, Apeiron has a well-crafted story that seeks to redefine god gaming for the metaverse and Web3 users.


What is Apeiron?

Apeiron will feature integrated gameplay where players can alter the planet from above before descending to earth as a controllable Avatar to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos. As mentioned before, the game is inspired by traditional God games like Populous and Black & White, as well as recent Roguelike action-adventure games.

The idea of the game is for players to grow their planet to the point where it can no longer grow and then reset the planetary cycle to allow for continuous advancement that will eventually result in thrilling Alliance-level PvE and PvP gaming.

In Apeiron, gamers will take on the role of Godlings, powerful gods who govern unique NFT planets. The Doods, cute and chubby creatures who enjoy a good time but aren’t very smart, are some of the creatures living in these worlds. Being a godling, gamers have supernatural powers to help the Doods solve their daily problems by providing solutions based on the natural elements of air, water, earth, and fire.

So, a godling can weave the fabric of spacetime and bear witness to the life cycles of the stars. They can also shape their planets and control the rise and fall of civilizations. Most importantly, these creatures wield the power to either create or destroy.

It is important to note that you get to keep what you make in the game, including the planets. You can decide to sell them or use them in the wider NFT metaverse.

What are Planets, Relics, and Stars?

Planets in Apeiron refers to where the main gameplay loop takes place. They are also needed for you to play Apeiron. Stars in Apeiron are similar to “lands” in other NFT games. However, they can include uncommon celestial objects and locations as well as provide planets that orbit them with strong passive benefits. Relics are game things, such as avatars, planetary wonders, or unique items, that can be made permanent by being transformed into Relics instead of being lost after completing a planetary cycle.

The game begins with one Planet for each player. But by getting more, they will be able to carry out a sacred ceremony called Celestial Conjunction. The ceremony merges the spiritual energies of the two Planets to create a new Planet. The new planet will acquire characteristics from its parents while also having a chance to develop brand-new, intriguing characteristics of its own. Players can design their own ideal worlds through repeated Celestial Conjunctions, such as worlds of primordial elements where the surface is simply a roaring firestorm or an ocean planet where sea monsters swim in the depths of the ocean.

You can acquire Planets through the Gaming Guilds or on the marketplace. However, you can also make a purchase during an initial planet presale.

The Stars NFT Presale

Apeiron will host its first land presale on October 18, giving players the chance to grab highly prized game assets, the stars. As per a medium release, the presale will take place on Apeiron’s minting website: https://mint.apeironnft.com.

Note: players who get a spot on the VIP Whitelist will have first access to the Presale ahead of others. Additionally, others on the whitelist will access the presale an hour after the VIP whitelist. A public presale will commence an hour after the whitelist.

Here are the details of the presale

  • VIP Whitelist: 18/10/2022–09:00 GMT+8
  • WhiteList: 18/10/2022 10:00 GMT+8
  • Sales will be available to the public from the following time: Public: 18/10/2022 11:00 GMT+8

While users on the Whitelist can only buy one Stella Tabula Chest, VIP Whitelist members can buy up to two. In addition, users can buy as many Stella Tabula Chests as they want once the public mint starts.

To prepare for the whitelist, you need to:

  • Have a wallet configured for Polygon.
  • Have the ETH funds needed for the Star you plan to purchase.
  • Have enough MATIC to pay the gas fees

Finally, the Apeiron roadmap does appear to be quite well-planned, and it speaks a lot that the Apeiron team has had prior experience with game deployment. Additionally, there is already gameplay footage that looks fantastic. The game should be thrilling and lucrative.

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