World Mobile Completes Field Tests in Africa

Decentralized wireless (DeWi) network operator, World Mobile, is close to releasing a full rollout of its communication services in Africa. The company, on June 8th, announced the completion of the field test of its DeWi technology in Nigeria, Mozambique, and Kenya.

A large part of the African continent is without access to the internet. So, despite the significant improvement of telecommunications services in Africa, some regions are left out of them. However, World Mobile plans to address this and make internet services readily available. And affordable for rural places on the continent.

World Mobile will Begin its African Expansion.

World Mobile said it conducted the tests in Kenya and Mozambique using TV white space equipment. This technique uses unused spectrum in the TV broadcast band to provide mobile network services.

world mobile in africa

Source: Twitter

The field test in Nigeria made use of Starlink, a satellite internet service provided by SpaceX. The company claims that TV white space and Starlink are complementary technologies. They allow World Mobile to make use of current infrastructure and spectrum resources to increase the size of its network coverage. Following the completion of these tests, World Mobile seems ready to fully deploy its services in the rest of Africa.

World Mobile CEO, Micky Watkins, said in a statement: “We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of field tests in Kenya, Mozambique, and Nigeria, which mark a significant milestone in World Mobile’s mission to connect the unconnected. These tests validate the feasibility and scalability of our DeWi technology, bringing us one step closer to providing affordable and reliable internet access to both rural and underserved areas worldwide.”

World Mobile Seeks to Improve Global Communications

World Mobile’s ambition is to develop a shared economy to fund the construction of telecommunications networks throughout rural Africa and beyond. Its decentralized wireless (DeWi) service provides connectivity for a lot less money than conventional mobile network providers.

The project has embarked on several efforts that mirror its ambitions. Prior to completing its test fields in Africa, World Mobile launched its commercial network in Zanzibar. The launch saw more than 300 AirNodes offer wireless connectivity to more than 16,000 users each day.

world mobile africa

Source: Twitter

They plan to extend its network to new African nations and other regions to build a worldwide community-owned wireless network that can close the digital gap and promote social and economic inclusion.

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