Zcoin (XZC) - How to Earn StakeHound Tokens?

Popular privacy-centered platform Zcoin partners with StakeHound and discloses plans to launch its stakedXZC tokens.

In line with this, Zcoin (XZC) has released details of its first-ever StakeHound Hunt and how users can partake and earn from it. StakedXZC is slated to go live on Ethereum on October 30, 2020. The Hunt basically is to reward early adopters of the stakedXZC tokens. The plan to launch this token was first announced in September shortly after a partnership between Zcoin and StakeHound. The partnership essentially provides Zcoin XZC holders with access to the fast-growing DeFi space. Providing both instant liquidity as well as an effective reward channel to the entire Zcoin ecosystem.

The recently launched tokenized platform will not be possible without input from several important parties. Firms like Allnodes, Copper, and Altcoinomy were actively involved in creating the platform.

Earning stakedXZC is quite easy. Interested users simply need to transfer their Zcoin XZC to the StakeHound platform. They will instantly receive stakedXZC. Fill out this form to participate.

Details on the HOUND token

The main goal of the stakedToken ecosystem is the launch of the HOUND token. The token will go live in Q1 2021. Interestingly, it will serve as an incentive to supporters and liquidity providers on the tokenized platform. The early adopters of the platform will get HOUND token allocation. The StakeHound Hunt is one of the many ways by which the platform will distribute stakedTokens.

About the Hunt

It is advisable to join the Hunt early as it would increase the chances of earning HOUND tokens. The Hunt is simply a specified period where interested persons can receive stakedTokens before their official launch. Earning stakedTokens this way will result in a higher HOUND allotment.

The allocation reward categories are:

  • Hound Fan (1 x Bonus) – Any stakedToken acquired before the Q1 2021 HOUND launch is in this category.
  • Hound Master (+0.2 Bonus) – StakedTokens acquired during the Hunt falls into this category. The Hunt is currently ongoing and will end on October 30, 2020.
  • Hound Hero (+0.5 Bonus) – To earn this, stakers will need to participate in every StakeHound Hunt before the official Q1 2021 launch.

Earnings will begin trickling immediately after sending the funds to the StakeHound platform. It is, however, important to note that all users who trade their stakedXZC before distribution will lose all rights to their earnings.

The proposed launch of stakedXZC is a huge step in StakeHound’s journey to DeFi as it will bring new and exciting DeFi to the entire Zcoin XZC community.

Visit the Altcoin Buzz YouTube channel for more details on Zcoin.


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