5 Platforms From Arweave’s Ecosystem You Should Watch

Arweave is a top data storage project. Its focus is to ensure your on-chain data stays permanent.

On top of that, it’s a secure and decentralized storage option too. In this article, let us look at 5 platforms from Arweave’s ecosystem that you should watch for.

1) Dria

The first interesting project on Arweave’s ecosystem is Dria. Dria calls itself the “Wikipedia of AIs”. As a collective, Dria allows you access to a library of AI knowledge. As of now, the platform houses over 1,000+ AI uploads, with over 350,000+ searches.

In the world of AI, Dria brings about several core benefits. These include:

  • Lowering the cost of gaining AI knowledge.
  • Incentivizing contribution of knowledge to Dria.
  • Encouraging safe, open, and trusted collaboration.

Without Arweave’s technology, Dria alone would not be able to store so much AI data. But together, they’re able to bring open-source AI to everyone.

2) Othent 2.0

The next fascinating project in Arweave’s ecosystem is Othent 2.0. Other aims to simplify key management on Arweave’s permaweb. To the extent that it’s as simple as logging into Google. And, it intends to help onboard Web2 users to Web3 easily.

So, how does Othent’s technology help to achieve its goals?

  • It allows Web3 apps to access Web2 users.
  • Others can be accessed from any mobile or desktop browser easily.
  • Its Web2-backed protocol can reach a wider audience more effectively.

When apps use Othent, its users can use encryption and transaction signing. Aside from this, they can also make Layer 1 (L1) transactions as well! To top it all off, integrating Othent uses just one line of code. With its strong use case and ease of integration, Othent could be a huge player in Arweave’s ecosystem.

3) Irys

Irys is the next up-and-coming project on Arweave’s ecosystem. Irys is the world’s only provenance layer. Simply put, it enables you to accurately trace the origin of permanent data. Irys does this by tracking the following:

  • Timestamps.
  • Attribution.
  • Ownership.
  • Authorship.

Here, Irys and Arweave complement each other well. Arweave is a place that can store data permanently. Irys allows for origins to be way back in the past. Indeed, Irys’ use case fits perfectly for projects that are using Arweave’s services and products.

4) Warp Contracts

The next useful project on Arweave’s ecosystem is Warp Contracts. Warp Contracts help to empower smart contracts on Arweave. It does so by enabling data inputs into said contracts.

Here, we can see Warp Contracts’ importance. Data-imbued smart contracts have a ton more utility than normal contracts alone. Yet, the project isn’t slowing down. With its recent Smartweave protocol upgrade, you can now input up to 5 times more data into each smart contract.

5) Molecular Execution Machine (MEM)

The last project on Arweave’s ecosystem on our list today is MEM (Molecular Execution Machine). MEM is a Web3 serverless functions platform. With MEM, you can build and deploy dApps in record time.

In addition, MEM focuses on giving Web3 developers a Web2 experience. With this, they can ease into building apps for the Web 3 ecosystem. With MEM, you no longer need to host complex infrastructure. It supports popular programming languages like JavaScript as well. As a MEM user, you don’t have to worry about storage and servers. MEM takes care of all these for you, while you focus on building your app!


That brings us to the end of today’s article for projects on Arweave’s ecosystem. For sure, Arweave has a thriving landscape with many developments. But, Arweave is still under the radar in the crypto space. I hope this article sheds some light on some recent developments and promising projects on Arweave.

Note: This article was inspired by this tweet.

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