10 Ethereum Apps to Watch in 2024 - Part 2

Today, we continue our two-part article series on Ethereum apps. To recap, we reveal 10 Ethereum apps to watch in 2024. These 10 apps all serve very different purposes. And, I’m sure that you, as a user, will find one that’s just right for you. 

Before we begin, do check out the first part of this article series here. If you’ve done so, let us check out App #6 below.

6) Daylight

Number 6 of the Ethereum apps we’re watching in 2024 is Daylight. Daylight’s main product is an Application Programming Interface (API). In short, an API provides a way for two programs to talk to each other. Daylight’s API does just that, for:

  • Wallets.
  • Tools.
  • Creators.

But, what does Daylight’s API do exactly? Well, its API focuses on recommendations. For instance, let’s say you mint an NFT from a collection. With this data, Daylight’s API recommends another three other NFT collections that you may like. Hence, you’ll find more NFTs that suit your preference.

Daylight isn’t just for NFTs though. Said API can be integrated within wallets or apps. In turn, this creates a lot of potential use cases. With your transaction data, Daylight helps you find more of what you like in crypto.

7) Dookey Dash

Number 7 of our 10 Ethereum apps is Dookey Dash. The creator of this game is the renowned Yuga Labs. Yes. That’s the same team behind blue-chip NFT projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks.

In summary, Dookey Dash is an NFT game. One that is simple but requires skills and reflexes. As you can see from the video above, you’ve got to dodge a ton of obstacles. At the same time, you’ve got to collect items too. The longer you last in the game, the higher the points you get.

Sadly, the game is not open to the public at the moment. But, you can follow the Yuga Labs Twitter account. Once the game is back, they’ll announce it. You can then try it out first-hand.

8)  Unlonely

Now, if you aren’t into just having fun yourself, check out Unlonely. It’s one of the more fun Ethereum apps you can use. That’s because it links you up with others on the livestream. So, it’s similar to a “Web 3 Twitch” platform. Indeed, any lonely person with this app will for sure feel “Unlonely”.

Well, of course, Unlonely isn’t all about just watching each other online. You can participate in prediction markets too! All while on the live stream. So, you can bet if a couple will go on another date or not. Or, you can bet on live sports results. The possibilities are endless here. Hence, if you frequently use Twitch, do check Unlonely out too!

9) Hypersub

Next is Hypersub, one of many NFT Ethereum apps. Hypersub is an NFT subscription platform. But unlike other apps, it has a special feature that you might or might not like. It grants NFT creators the ability to add an expiration date to their NFTs. So, you could be the owner of an NFT you like, but only for a limited time.

With this feature, Hypersub can attract many NFT creators. Two of which showcase their work in the above tweet.

10) Spinamp

Last but not least, we’ve got Spinamp. It’s a leading project amongst music Ethereum apps, simply because it works well. It plays good music and it’s got a great app. And, it’s got a pipeline of artists launching their work here.

Indeed, Spinamp has built an app that truly brings value to its users on-chain. But, no amount of words can describe beautiful music. Hence, we urge you to give the Spinamp app a try. You can download the app here. It’s available for iOS, Android, and Desktop.


Ta-da! We’ve shown you the 10 Ethereum apps to watch for 2024! But sometimes, just watching the apps doesn’t make sense. You’ve got to download one that suits you and then try it out. By doing so, you’re also contributing to the Web 3 ecosystem as well.

Note: This article was inspired by this tweet.


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