Ethereum is still the leading Dapp chain. It comes with a first mover advantage. Furthermore, it offers security, due to its size, to all projects and L2s. It also offers a thriving consumer crypto ecosystem.

In this article, we dig into 10 apps to watch out for in 2024. So, let’s take a closer look at what 10 interesting apps Ethereum has to offer in 2024. This is the first part.

1) Interface

Interface is a mobile explorer. It allows you to follow wallets. This, in turn, allows you to see their activity. The app has a few tricks up its sleeve. For example, you can view other accounts based on common assets. Or how about finding other users you follow on other platforms?

However, one of its top features is the push notification option. It allows you to see what your friends are up to in real time. What are they minting or trading. Never miss out on trendy events, like hot meme coins.

To date, they have raised $1.4 million. That’s after an initial crowdfunding campaign. This campaign netted the platform 50 ETH back in early 2022. Before you can enter the app, you need to meet some criteria. These show that you have some Web3 experience.

2) Zora

Zora is an NFT marketplace. The platform dates to 2020 when it was founded. It’s also a Layer 2 on Ethereum. Zora has plenty of cool features. For instance, there’s a no-code creator tool kit. You can create collections with ease and put them up for minting.

And guess what, the Zora chain doesn’t have a token yet. So, being active on Zora, and mint regularly, may help you to qualify for their airdrop. You can mint on Zora or other NFT marketplaces, that you can find on the Zora chain. For example, mint dot fun.

They also have a cool referral program. If you bring in creators, you get 0.000111 ETH per mint. That can quickly add up to an interesting amount of ETH.

3) Brian

With Brian, we move into the AI space. That’s one of the narratives that has a lot of growth potential in 2024. Brian has a specific feature that makes it stand out. It gives prompts in English. It offers three different bots that you can deploy. There’s a Telegram, X, and website bot available.

The app is also noncustodial. This is of importance because you stay in control of your assets. The project already has a token, BRAIN. Their website is Brain advertises itself as the first blockchain AI SaaS offering. Besides the contextual chat, staking and NFT minting are in the pipeline. Currently, Brian is only available as a mobile version.

So, next time, you can tell the app, “Hi Brian, please swap 150 OP to BRAIN on Uniswap”. How cool is that?

4) Warpcast

Warpcast is like Twitter. It’s a social media app on the Farcaster protocol. It offers a lot of Web3 features. However, you can also port your following into various other apps. Now that is a real special feature. Wherever you go on Ethereum, you will see familiar faces this way. It’s like making Ethereum your hood!

As a result, their X profile is not very active. Their last X post dates to 16th August 2023. Instead, you can create an account and join their conversation in real time. It’s a decentralized app that wants to give data ownership back to its users. That’s you.

The team behind Warpcast is former Coinbase staff. So, it seems like a solid team with a Web3, and crypto background is at the helm. The picture below shows the X based messages.


Source: Warpcast

5) Privy

Privy is an embedded wallet for Web3 logins. You can onboard users to a Web3 app, regardless if they already have a wallet or not.  You most likely have used it, without knowing or realizing it. Not only that, but you can sign in with an email or password. At the same time, a wallet already works in the background. A convenient option for Web2 users to get into Web3. 

In November, the team had a series A funding round that netted $18 million. So, they seem financially sound. They’re backed by some heavy weights. For example, Sequoia, Paradigm, or Electric Capital. Furthermore, the team offers secure solutions for their app. You can also customize the app, which helps with integration in your very own app.


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