BULLISH Crypto AI Altcoins | Get in EARLY!!

The crypto market runs on narrative and trends. And over the past three months, AI has been at the center of the global narrative. Lots of AI crypto tokens are saturating the market. So knowing which has substance is becoming tricky. But not for us.

We’ve researched three AI altcoins with massive potential to invest in. Read this article for more details.

1) SingularityNet (AGIX)

We’ve talked a lot about this project, and that’s because we really believe in it. SingularityNet isn’t all about hype. It has real substance, which you can see in its use cases. So, SingularityNet changes the way we use and access AI services. This AI on the blockchain allows anyone to build, share, monetize, and benefit from different AI services.

Think of it like an Opensea for AI content, or Fiverr. We know from experience that marketplaces tend to do well. So imagine how pretty big an AI marketplace would be. 

Why SingularityNet is Unique?

SingularityNet improves how we access AI models. You don’t have to worry about maintaining an app to access potent AI services. So, developers can profit from selling their own AI solutions and still have control over the marketing and pricing of their service.  

This platform has an ecosystem that incentivizes innovation in the AI world. It also makes it easy for us to find quality AI services. 

The AGIX Token 

The AGIX token is the backbone of the ecosystem. You’ll need it to transact on the marketplace. So, AGIX is the second most valuable AI crypto project. Let’s talk about its numbers.

  1. AGIX currently trades at $0.40. 
  2. It has a market cap of $489 million. 
  3. AGIX has a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens. And over 1.21 billion tokens are currently in circulation.

You can buy AGIX on Uniswap, BinanceKuCoin, HitBTC, Gate.io.


Our next project, Render Network (RNDR), provides new opportunities to digital creators. It offers access to distributed GPU rendering services on the blockchain. That means using AI to create images.

Render allows anyone to seamlessly share their GPU power. They’ll receive incentives in return for their work. Users receive rewards. Render Token thereby provides studios, developers, and artists with the computational power they need for the rendering service. 

What Render Solves?

Artists need computing power so they can do rendering. Combine that with how anyone can easily share their unused GPU power with others using the Render Token. The system gets rid of the technological obstacles that network computational systems have. 

Render connects users with idle GPUs with those wanting to execute render jobs. This method saves time and money. Users don’t need to buy expensive computers to perform these activities in-house. Render provides a decentralized method for tracking and managing render jobs. Render affects industries like gaming, media, augmented reality, among other industries. 

This platform is Ethereum-based. So, it inherits the security and interoperability of the network. RNDR token holders can store their tokens in any ERC-20 compatible wallet. You can trade it for other ERC-20 tokens in many places.

How does Render Work?

Users can post their jobs to the community within the Render Token ecosystem. The platform automatically determines how much RNDR tokens you need to complete the task.  This data arrives as an attachment that includes the specifics to a smart contract. The information is then shared across the Render Network.

The Render Token 

The platform’s primary utility tokens are RNDR tokens. Users send RNDR to the people executing the render task. Users can also use this token to send value anywhere in the world. Every RNDR transaction has a tiny percentage fee that supports ongoing maintenance. And the growth of the Render Network.

Where to Buy the RNDR Token

You can buy Render on any of the following exchanges:

  • Kraken
  • Uphold
  • Binance
  • KuCoin
3) Image Generation AI (IMGNAI)

Our final project today is a bot that generates art using simple text commands. Image Generation AI is an AI-powered bot. It creates images for Discord and Telegram users.  IMGNAI seeks to push the limits of creativity. For now, single line command prompts for amazing images is pretty creative already.

The team is putting its efforts into AI art generation. But that’s not all. They plan to provide even more. IMGNAI seeks to expand its image-generation tooling. And provide more unique ideas to its consumers. So, the AI platform plans to forge strategic partnerships for both crypto-natives and no-coiners. ImgnAI’s flagship product is “Nai.” Nai is an AI bot that converts anything you write into anime3D, and hyper-realistic images.

Nai is currently free to use. There are plans to roll out a paid version called Nai Premium.  Nai Premium users will have access to:

  • Exclusive art styles and models.
  • Remove watermarks.
  • Upscale and render their images in 4K.
  • Mint images to NFTs.
What Makes IMGNAI Unique?

IMGNAI will soon provide its token holders with a share of its revenue. It will use a simple stake-to-earn model to achieve this. Users who lock up their tokens will be eligible to share revenue. This revenue comes from paid advertising on the Nai bot, NFTS, the web app, and any paid partnerships.

The IMGNAI token currently trades at $0.0168 with a market cap of $13 million

Where to Buy IMGNAI

You can buy IMGNAI on any of the following exchanges:

  • Uniswap (V2).
  • Bitget.
  • MEXC.
  • OpenOcean.

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