25 Rising AI Gems with Potential for 10x Growth — 1

There are plenty of AI projects that already saw a 10x – 100x. However, did you miss out on them? For example, $PAAL, $TAO, or $RNDR. Don’t worry, there are more AI gems in the making. We’re going to show them to you in a 2-part series. This is Part 1.

So, let’s dive in and find out which projects belong to these AI gems.

AI Gems With a Market Cap Below $50 Million
1) Graphlinq Protocol 

A no-code chain for Web3 automation. Graphlinq Protocol uses four key components for this. These are,

  • IDE — or Integrated Development Environment.  A simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • App — A friendly UI that allows you to deploy pre-made automation templates.
  • Engine — The core component that executes accurate and secure automation.
  • Marketplace — Buy, sell, or trade automation templates here.

The $GLQ token is up by, 1378% over one year.


OORT is a decentralized cloud that offers privacy and cost savings. It integrates global computing and storage options. It offers AI solutions to boost business operations. OORT visions you to be in the driver’s seat.

You should be in charge of owning and controlling your data. The $OORT token launched in January. Over the last 30 days, it’s up by 154.3%.

3) Openfabric AI

Openfabric AI is a layer 1 blockchain combined with AI. Its goal is to make using AI apps easier for everyone. It improves the way AI works. Hence, it becomes a lot easier to access and it benefits everyone. Its main features include, among others:

  • Decentralization.
  • Security.
  • Interoperability.
  • Scalability.

The $OFN token saw a 131% price increase over the last 30 days.

4) Dock Network

A decentralized platform that is building a reusable digital ID. These forms of IDs are cryptographically secure. They are also instantly verifiable digital credentials. You can use them, for example, for,

  • Workforce certificates.
  • Academic achievements.
  • Identity documents.
  • KYC checks.

Dock Network has been around since 2018. Its $DOCK token is up by 92% over one year.

5) PARSIQ Network

With PARSIQ you can index and query data. It’s also one of our favorite projects at Altcoin Buzz. Their team is about to release their Reactive Network product. This might prove to be a game changer for the data sector.

The $PRQ token is up by 50% over the last year. It’s another 14x away from its ATH, where it may blast through.

6) GT Protocol

GT Protocol plans to onboard more users to Web3. It’s an AI layer that wants to connect you with DeFi, CeFi, and NFT markets. The platform uses AI execution technology. This brings you an automated and easy-to-use experience. Use your smartphone with only one button. 

AI unicorn gems

Source: GT Protocol docs

The $GTAI token went up by 97% over the last 30 days. The picture below shows how GT Protocol works.

7) Matrix AI Network

Matrix AI Network brings neuroscience to the table. The project has already been around since 2017. All the while using AI with blockchain tech. Recently, the team upgraded to the Matrix 3.0 chain.

This added neuroscience to the equation. With Matrix, everyone can have an avatar in the metaverse. Their $MAN token went up 137% over the last 30 days.

8) DexCheck

DexCheck offers next-gen crypto and NFT AI-enhanced analytics tools. With its app, you can, for example, check the following,

  • Trending tokens
  • ATH discovery
  • New trading pairs
  • IDO calendar
  • Winners and losers

The $DCK token is up by 181% over the last 30 days. You can use it, for instance, for governance or staking. The video below gives a good introduction to DexCheck. AI Gems With a Market Cap Below $30 Million.



AIPAD is a launchpad for Web3 AI projects. When taking part in their IDOs, you need to hold their $AIPAD token. This is a deflationary token. For example, if you sell the token, there’s a 7% fee, out of which the protocol burns 2%.

The $AIPAD token is up by 61% over the last 30 days but 63% down over the last year.

10) Effect AI

Effect AI dates back to 2017. You can contribute to the platform’s AI development. There are two ways of doing this. Complete tasks and get rewarded in their $EFX token. You can also create tasks.

The $EFX token has been dormant for almost two years. However, over the last 30 days, its price increased by 1046% or 11x.

11) GameGPT

GameGPT builds games that are AI-driven. Its game AI engine can power the next 10,000 blockchain games. It also boasts over 150 million active users.

The $DUEL token powers all these games. The $DUEL token launched in January and is up by 125% over the last 30 days.

12) Big Data Protocol

Big Data Protocol is a DeFi protocol. It’s also the last of the first set of AI gems. It sources commercially valuable data from professional data providers. Once found, it will tokenize the data and make them liquid.

Besides the $BDP token, there’s also a $bALPHA token. This is a date token that you can redeem for datasets. The $BDP token is up by 192% over the last 30 days.


This is Part 1 of a 2-part series on emerging AI gems. We covered 12 projects with market caps ranging between $10 and $50 million. Here is the second part.



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