Partnerships in crypto can boost performances for all involved parties. That’s also the idea behind partnerships. That’s also the reason behind a new partnership in the South East Asian region and Taiwan. Altcoin Buzz and Funjible Games partnered with TechStorm.

So, we are taking a closer look at this new partnership with TechStorm.

Altcoin Buzz Partners with Funjible Games and TechStorm

TechStorm is a media distribution platform for the Asian market. It offers various broadcasting options. For example, broadcast TV or OTT streaming. OTT means ‘over the top’, however, in this context, it means streaming services. This new partnership is a first-of-its-kind. It consists of digital-only content. Altcoin Buzz and Funjible Games cover the latest trends across:

  • Blockchain
  • Digital assets
  • P2E games (Play-to-Earn)

TechStorm 24/7 will start a dedicated content belt. The ‘Altcoin Buzz Weekly’ content belt will start on TechStorm on 1st April 2024. It’s an exclusive premiere that will broadcast during prime time. You can tune in every Monday at 11 pm (GMT+8). Furthermore, Funjible Games will also contribute episodes. TechStorm will broadcast these under a dedicated esports and video gaming content belt. 

Wider Accessibility for Altcoin Buzz and Funjible Games

This way, Altcoin Buzz and Funjible Games will become accessible to a much wider audience. The Southeast Asian market is home to no less than 700 million people. Out of these, 58% are younger than 35 years old. That’s a perfect target group for blockchain tech, digital assets, and gaming. It also has a $4 trillion GDP (Gross Domestic Product) value. This makes it the 4th largest economy.

Debbie Lee, Founder & CEO of TechStorm mentioned:

“We are thrilled to partner with Altcoin Buzz to bring both Altcoin Buzz and Funjible Games digital content series onto TechStorm’s rapidly expanding distribution network. Viewers can expect curated content on the latest trends in the digital assets world, blockchain trends, and the newest drops in play-to-earn games weekly on our regional broadcast TV network and streaming partner platforms. This genre is a great fit for our audience profile of the 18 to 34 demographic with a passion for esports, cosplay, and pop culture that is wide, broad-based, and family-friendly. Plus the tech-savvy, business decision-makers and professionals watching our network across Southeast Asia and Taiwan.”

Here’s what Shash Gupta, Founder of Altcoin Buzz had to say about the partnership: 

“TechStorm’s powerful media network and audience outreach is second to none here in Southeast Asia. They have since grown to be the most influential and the fastest growing broadcast and subscriber-driven media network on key subject matters that appeal to wide audience profiles. This inaugural and landmark partnership will build credibility for the world of blockchain and digital assets and enrich the educational value to the audience on the regional broadcast. We are ecstatic to take this first step forward with greater plans and content pipeline up ahead.’’

About Altcoin Buzz

Altcoin Buzz saw daylight in 2017. Currently, it is one of the top crypto media organizations. It boasts well over 500,000 subscribers among various social media channels. For instance, YouTube, X, or this website. Their community is active, engaged, and grown organically. It’s a trusted source of information that is honest, transparent, and integer.

About Funjible Games

Funjible Games is a premier aggregation and discovery platform. They’re active in the blockchain gaming space. It offers a comprehensive and fresh guide to the most exciting trends in the industry. They offer high-standard, cutting-edge Web3 game reviews, in-depth walkthroughs, and breaking news. It’s your go-to destination for the latest gaming sensations or insightful recommendations.

Funjible Games’ Website, X, Telegram, and YouTube. 

About TechStorm

TechStorm is a media distribution platform that’s active in the Asian market. It celebrates the region’s rising stars in esports, gaming, and tech innovations. At the same time, it also covers the rising stars in Korea’s K-pop scene. It’s by far Asia’s most influential and fastest-growing media distribution platform. TechStorm has reached over 100 premium partner platforms. This combines the Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific regions. Their streams are currently distributed across 71 million mobile streaming subscribers. This includes over 15 million subscribers in various areas. For example, in households, premium five-star hotel groups, and in-flight entertainment systems.

TechStorm’s Website, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.



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