Energi wants to bring cryptocurrency to everyone! For this goal to be realized, a self-funding treasury is essential to pay for developers, contributors, marketers, and other expenses that enable further growth of the platform. The Energi treasury also funds a Defense team that serves to protect their user base from hackers, scammers, and other bad actors in the space.

Utilizing ‘Earn Drops’ rather than an ICO has led to an organic and sustainable community which allows continual growth. By removing the cryptocurrency space’s common barriers to entry, Energi will aim to become the most user-friendly, secure and trusted platform for building and trading value.

Leadership Team

  • Founder and CEO – Tommy WorldPower – Crypto educator, seasoned advisor, influencer, and investor in the crypto space. His primary aim is focusing on the big-picture and long-term direction of the cryptocurrency space, and as extension of that, Energi.

You can check out some of the interesting interviews with the Founder and CEO Tommy World Power below:

Recent Developments for Energi:
Energi has had a number of developments both technologically and business wise over the 2019 calendar year. Recently there has been the successful transition from Proof of Work to Proof of stake in February.  The benefits of the new PoS Consensus model include being more Energy efficient, a reduction in centralization risks and a more flexible design allowing incentivised opportunities to a wider group of users and for members with just 1 NRG to begin staking! You can learn more about the transition here.

Currently the yearly ROI is around 67%, however will decrease overtime with the greater NRG being staked. You can test out the calculator to find out the estimated rewards here and take notice of the PoS reward comparison chart below which shows other projects ROI.

Recently NRG was listed on Kucoin which has increased the volume and liquidity greatly. They will be working on more listing coming soon.

Roadmap/Vision for future
Energi has a lot planned moving forward. With the aim to expand their team to fill out the operational capacity, they are seeking to efficiently retain over 100 active contributors within two years of launch, of course – all funded through their treasury. With the current team sitting at around 30 full time and part time contributors this will be a large growth in the firepower behind the scenes.

With Energi 3.0 planned for Q4 2019 this will include the transition to a more robust smart contract platform blockchain with the existing treasury and governance model which will allows it to be compatible with dApps written for Ethereum and allow them to simply port over to the new Energi platform.  You can learn more about Energi 3.0 here

Energi will also be supporting start-ups looking to develop on the Energi platform and help provide user protection to dApp users with the defense team along with providing engineering and marketing support.

In Q2 of 2019, Energi core which is the primary group working for Energi, begins work on ‘Energi X’ which is a 0 – fee Futures Exchange which is aiming to rival Bitmex and now Binance with its primary trading pair being NRG. The tentative release date for the Energi X platform is Q3 2020.

On the horizon is acceptance of NRG as a payment method for high demand merchants, and campaigns to build merchant acceptance worldwide.

Check out the entire packed Roadmap here.

The Treasury System
With the robust treasury creating a self-sustainable ecosystem of paid developers and defense workers preventing hacking and scammers, the budget will also be allocated towards helping start-ups looking to develop dApps on Energi and to create an incubator program planned for Q4 2019. Here is an example of the defense team at work.

Energi’s treasury system sets itself as the strongest out of any cryptocurrency in the market. Every month 1 million new Energi are released of which 40% goes to the treasury. This at the current rate equates to over $2,000,000 USD monthly budget. The comparison chart below helps visualise how large the difference in treasury is compared to other even larger market cap projects.

The Energi Treasury is decentralized, and Masternodes vote where to direct these funds which allows Energi to pay developers, contributors, marketing efforts and more which will help identify and encourage activities which bring the absolute greatest value back in return for what Energi spends.

The Treasury history and current budget Is all transparent and can be found here.

The Treasury also funds the Energi Rain Discord channel and the admins ‘rain down NRG’ on users all day along with Users being able to stake NRG right in the Discord channel. Check it out here.

The Masternodes are a special full node that provides a second tier of consensus services and governance for the Energi network. Like stakers, masternodes are incentivized for providing services to the network. While both play a role in blockchain security, a masternode can provide many other services to the network as well. Masternode services include managing the decentralized governance, voting how to best utilize treasury funding, helping validate the blockchain, providing a faster sync to new clients, and scaling transaction capacity. Anyone with 10,000 NRG can run a masternode.

With the Masternodes being rewarded 40% of all new NRG Coin the rewards were delayed until 150 days after the network went live to allow for greater Energi distribution. Currently the ROI is around 80% on NRG however rewards will gradually decline over time as more Masternodes come online. You can see a comparison of the Energi Masternodes ROI against other projects.

The Energi Earndrop program has largely helped the ecosystem to gain a widespread following. This ongoing Earndrop will distribute 4 million coins to users who contribute social media activity about Energi, such as tweets, follows, and subscriptions on all major social media platforms.

With round 1 completion 20,000 people signed up from around the world to earn up to 100NRG each followed by Round 2 having 20,000 from US/Canada and Round 3 20,000 from around EU/Australia/NZ.

Earndrop signups for the 4th and final round have officially closed. To stay up to date with Energi, make sure to follow their social media channels below.

Learn more/Sign up!
Website – http://nrg.click/EnergiWorldAB
Twitter – http://nrg.click/EnergiTwitterAB
Discord – http://nrg.click/EnergiDiscordAB
Telegram – http://nrg.click/EnergiTelegramAB
Medium – http://nrg.click/medium_AB
Whitepaper – http://nrg.click/EnergiWhitepaper_AB

Coinexchange: https://www.coinexchange.io/market/NRG/BTC
Crypto-Bridge: https://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/market/BRIDGE.NRG_BRIDGE.BTC
KuCoin: https://www.kucoin.com/trade/NRG-BTC and https://www.kucoin.com/trade/NRG-ETH
DigiFinex: https://www.digifinex.com/trade/BTC/NRG


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