Introduction to Lithium Launchpad

Crypto launchpads, also known as IDO platforms, are platforms for launching new currencies and crypto projects. They are the next big thing in the digital world, particularly in terms of decentralized finance. In this article, we will make an introduction to the Lithium Launchpad.

Early entry into the cryptocurrency market almost always results in a win. Finding early-stage projects before they become established and reaching out to the public is always profitable for an investor. However, there may be certain concerns that will eventually influence potential profits. The Lithium project provides solutions to the systemic problems that have ravaged the early stages of the crypto market, costing many investors a lot of money. The Lithium Launchpad, on the other hand, assists investors in making the most of their money. Lithium has a long-term goal of “providing certainty, transparency, and education to retail investors.”

The Lithium Launchpad is more than just a place where projects can get launched. Lithium aims to assist developers with concept validation, development plans, continuous marketing, and the first launch of their products. As well as a smart contract code, Lithium delivers a tokenomics audit.

Right now, Lithium is rebranding its site. The site will be clearer, and more accessible, without losing its edge. Here’s a quick sneak peak:

Source: Lithium (website copy is just a placeholder text)

Lithium Launchpad is very much undervalued when compared to its main competitors. In the table below, you can see where Lithium stands towards its competitors. Lithium has a very small market cap although it has already had 10 launches. The biggest competition has a bigger market cap by about 90x, and the other two biggest by about 30x.

Name Mcap Launches
Seedify.Fund $539m 47
Lighting Protocol $13m 13
Impossible Finance $15m 7
Occam.Fi $174m 17
BSCPad $177m 20-30
Lithium $6m 10


The Benefits of Lithium Launchpad

These are the main benefits of Lithium Launchpad:

  • Instead of a first-come, first-served approach, Lithium Launchpad uses an oversubscription mechanism for launchpad projects. This allows for more token distribution and less whales manipulating the market. For participants, it enables everyone to participate fairly.
  • Airdrops from launchpad projects for investors. This transforms the game and provides passive revenue to all holders of their native token.
  • Offers seed funding to all projects that launch on the Lithium platform.
  • A network of partners that support the success of their projects in the terms of: marketing, development, audits, branding, and technical and product support.
  • Polygon directly awarded a grant to develop cross-chain capabilities.
  • Has run launches on BSC, MATIC, and SOL.
How to Participate in a Lithium IDO

To take part in a Lithium IDOs private sale, you’ll need $EBSC tokens. Because the majority of Lithium IDOs are sold out during the private sale round, if you want a guaranteed allocation, you must first buy $EBSC. You can buy it on PancakeSwap.
Once you receive your $EBSC tokens, you must stake them. You can stake it on the Lithium staking page. It’s a fairly simple staking process. You just need to connect to the wallet and click the stake button.

Lithium recently changed the concept of staking, where it introduced some benefits. There are now four tiers and you can choose the staking period. Furthermore, all tiers receive an IDO airdrop in a 90-day lock.

After you stake the $EBSC tokens, you are ready to invest. You need to visit the pool you want to invest in. Make sure to connect your wallet and to have enough BNB in your wallet. When the IDO is finished, you can claim your tokens on the pool page.

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