Top Micro Cap Altcoins

High liquidity and a large active community are seen as some of the primary indicators of a successful blockchain project. Effectively, most of the projects that fall short on both parameters tend to get ignored.

At Altcoin Buzz we keep a close watch on both large-cap and micro-cap altcoins. That is how we uncovered these low cap gems in April 2020. Since then we have been keeping a close watch on these projects.

Here is a performance report of the 8 top micro-cap altcoins from April 2020-July 2020.

Uptrennd (1UP)

Uptrennd is a social media and publishing platform similar to Medium or Reddit. Powered by blockchain, Uptrennd is a proponent of freedom of speech, equality of opportunity, data security, & fair distribution of wealth. On Uptrennd a content creator gets paid for every upvote.

Its native token 1UP has performed well since 9th April 2020.

MarketCap (July 2020) – $ 710,519
CoinGecko Ranking (July 2020) – #850

1UP price performance against USD

Price (April 9, 2020) – $0.00301627
Price (July 27, 2020) – $0.00447878
Growth between April 9 and July 27 – 48.48%

1UP price performance against BTC

Price (April 9, 2020) – 0.00000041 BTC
Price (July 27, 2020) – 0.00000045 BTC
Growth between April 9 and July 27 – 9.75%

At Altcoin Buzz, we have been watching Uptrennd quite closely. In the month of June Uptrennd became the world’s leading blockchain social media site. It surpassed Steemit, Hive, and Voice based on pages-per-visit and time-on-site metrics.
What led to this growth?

In the month of June, 6,952 new members joined Uptrennd. As a result, the total user base count reached 121,744. With growing popularity, 1UP has been listed on several exchanges like B One Payment, and ProBit.

Apart from that, blockchain projects like Harmony have also launched their communities on Uptrennd.

On July 1, the platform activated a new concept of Uptrennd Citizenship. This initiative will ensure the people who contribute quality posts are rewarded more.

Uptrennd plans to create a sustainable decentralized ecosystem. It plans to achieve this by transitioning to an on-chain DAO platform. Furthermore, it will utilize the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to improve the efficiency, speed, and security of the platform.

We had an opportunity to interview Uptrennd founder Jeff Kirdeikis. He talked about the challenges Uptrennd faced, how it overcame those and the roadmap ahead.

One of the drawbacks we see is that Uptrennd is still a web-based system. However, it is working to roll out an Android or iOS app.

ShareRing (SHR)

ShareRing is an enterprise-ready blockchain working to unify the scattered sharing economy, especially in the travel sector. The existing sharing economy models are suffering from privacy and data ownership issues, middleman costs, and price discrimination. Using distributed ledger technology (DLT), ShareRing aims to resolve these issues.

Its native token SHR has witnessed incredible growth since April 9, 2020.

MarketCap (July 2020) – Not given
CoinGecko Ranking (July 2020) – N/A

SHR price performance against USD

Price (April 9, 2020) – $0.00161073
Price (July 27, 2020) – $0.03160865
Growth between April 9 and July 27 – 1862.38%

SHR price performance against BTC

Price (April 9, 2020) – 0.00000022 BTC
Price (July 27, 2020) – 0.00000348 BTC
Growth between April 9 and July 27- 1481.81%

What led to this growth?

In the month of June, ShareRing announced the soft launch of the ShareRing Shop in Melbourne. On the live shop, the ShareRing team continues to add products, adjust prices, and support local artists.

Moreover, the COVID-19 flagship product ShareRing Shop was also integrated into the ShareRing App. The team also implemented SharePay in the shop. With the successful soft launch in Melbourne, the team is now working to penetrate the COVID-19 impacted markets of Thailand. The shop now supports the Thai language and Thai Baht.

Meanwhile, the project also fostered partnerships with Alpha Sigma Capital Invests and Alphabits. These collaborations will help ShareRing with growth capital, product development, and more partnerships. ShareRing also announced integration with Fireblocks. With this integration, ShareRing adopts a secure infrastructure for moving, storing, and issuing digital assets.

ShareRing (SHR) started as a project to unify the shared-economy in the travel sector. Unfortunately, it faced a major setback as COVID-19 spread halted the travel industry.

We had an opportunity to interview Tim Bos, Founder ShareRing where he discussed the ShareRing post-pandemic roadmap.

Tellor (TRB)

The smart contracts are self-contained by nature and this is restricting the full utilization of DeFi apps that need external data. Thus DeFi needs oracles or portals to get off-chain information that is reliable. This is where Tellor offers a solution. As an Ethereum-based decentralized and secure oracle, it is an easy to implement solution. Using Tellor, DeFi dApps can receive reliable data to be used by smart contracts.

From April 2020 to July 2020, TRB, the native Tellor token has exhibited impressive price movement. As a micro-cap altcoin, the growth it has exhibited is commendable.

MarketCap (July 2020) – $17,492,972
CoinGecko Ranking (July 2020) – #245

TRB price performance against USD

Price (April 9, 2020) – $3.95
Price (July 27, 2020) – $13.26
Growth between April 9 and July 27 – 235%

TRB price performance against BTC

Price (April 9, 2020) – 0.00053778 BTC
Price (July 27, 2020) – 0.00133660 BTC
Growth between April 9 and July 27 – 148.54%

What led to this growth?

During Q2 of 2020, the Tellor tech team has been busy upgrading the system and preparing for big rollouts. The biggest news is that the V2 Tellor system is almost ready. With this release, the token holders will enjoy 10x throughput and the highest security. Currently, the upgrade is being audited by Certik and must roll out by end of July.

Some other upgrades include the introduction of a robust Tellor miner. The upgrades will provide DeFi with valuable data required to create robust apps. Moreover, in Q3, Tellor is planning a deployment on Matic. Consequently, the Matic DApps will enjoy censorship-resistant data feeds.

Tael (WABI)

The Tael Token is a digital asset of the Tael platform which is an anti-counterfeit system powered by blockchain. It electronically protects the consumer goods by assigning each an RFID label. These labels store the authenticity information, background storage, and location of the product.

Moreover, with this setup, it ensures the safety of trades, eliminates cost differentiation, and provides quality insurance.

MarketCap (July 2020) – $7,421,697
Current CoinGecko Ranking (July 2020) – #395

Tael price performance against USD

Price (April 9, 2020) – $0.083988
Price (July 27, 2020) – $0.117
Growth between April 9 and July 27 – 39.5%

Tael price performance against BTC

Price (April 9, 2020) – 0.00001142 BTC
Price (July 27, 2020) – 0.00001183 BTC
Growth between April 9 and July 27 – 3.59%

Since April 9, this altcoin has exhibited a noteworthy price increase. However, the pump has not been as high as TRB or SHR.

What led to this growth?

In Q1 of 2020, the focus was to drive B2B growth. However, in Q2, the team has put in huge efforts to develop Project X. With Project X, the team will expand the application and use-case of WABI. Furthermore, it will also launch consumer analytics and a promotion platform. For achieving complete transparency across all the integrations, Project X will play an important role.

Meanwhile, the project also launched its Recommendation Engine v2 for WeChat Mini-app. Furthermore, Tael (WABI) partnered with Smilemakers and has a list of partnerships lined up for Q3 of 2020.

One drawback of the project is that till now it has maintained the safety of high-cost products only. That is because the cost of labeling and scanning is high. We covered some of their developments earlier this month.

Sentivate (SNTVT)

The current internet supporting infrastructure is under a lot of pressure to address the bandwidth crises. As a matter of fact, the pressure will build up further in the coming years. Sentivate believes replacing HTTP with its Universal Data Stream Protocol will solve the bandwidth crises.

MarketCap (July 2020) – $1,849,286
Current CoinGecko Ranking (July 2020) – #513

SNTVT price performance against USD

Price (April 9, 2020) – $0.00060329
Price (July 27, 2020) – $0.00297347
Growth between April 9 and July 27 – 392.87%

SNTVT price performance against BTC

Price (April 9, 2020) – 0.00000008 BTC
Price (July 27, 2020) – 0.00000027 BTC
Growth between April 9 and July 27 – 237.5%

Among these micro-cap altcoins, the Sentivate token has exhibited close to a 400% price jump.

What led to this growth?

From April to June nothing major happened in the Sentivate space. But now the project is about to undergo the biggest transition since its inception.  The team has redefined its roadmap, is trying to onboard strategic technology partners, is moving to new physical locations, and is shifting to the Universal Web brand.

With the transition to Universal Web, the project’s new domain address would be

From a technical standpoint, the team has decided to drop TCP and stick to UDP. The team believes custom UDP protocols will shape the future of the internet. 

The project is still in its infancy, we will keep a close vigil on how SNTVT and the associated project progresses.

Safex Cash (SFX)

Project Safex helps online merchants by freeing them from the shackles of centralized platforms. These centralized platforms levy heavy fees on the merchants and tend to misuse their data.

On the other hand, the Safex marketplace helps create a win-win situation for the online merchant and the community. As a CPU and GPU mineable cryptocurrency, Safex Cash allows users to turn idle power on computers into goods and services on the market effortlessly.

MarketCap (July 2020) – $558,172
Current CoinGecko Ranking (July 2020) – #913

SFX price performance against USD

Price (April 9, 2020) – $0.01341631
Price (July 27, 2020) – $0.00739913
Growth between April 9 and July 27 – -44.84%

SFX price performance against BTC

Price (April 9, 2020) – 0.00000182 BTC
Price (July 27, 2020) – 0.00000094 BTC
Growth between April 9 and July 27 – -48.35%

What led to this?

Safex has kept its community busy with updates about The World Marketplace (TWM) wallet. And finally, the wait is over as the wallet was released in the second week of July. The wallet underwent an iteration of upgrades and it will enable merchant interaction with Safex cash and the token.

Since its release for Ubuntu Linux, the transaction activities have gone up. There has been a:

  • 30% increase in new offers
  • 80% increase in new accounts
  • 50% increase in purchases.

This is because it has become easy to create accounts, purchase offers, and edit offers.

Safe Haven (SHA)

It is one of the projects dedicated to building solutions for digital inheritance. As the project works in a very unique manner, it simplifies the process of inheritance of digital assets. Using Safe Haven, an owner is required to encrypt his:

  • private keys
  • seeds
  • passphrases

Furthermore, it uses the SHIP protocol to encrypt the keys and these are then distributed among the stakeholders. Moreover, there exists a legal entity that holds the Validation share. Only when it is confirmed that the owner has deceased, the legal entity unlocks the Validation share. Subsequently, all the remaining shares are combined and the passwords/private keys are unveiled.

MarketCap (July 2020) – $7,449,367
Current CoinGecko Ranking (July 2020) – #361

SHA price performance against USD

Price (April 9, 2020) – $0.00016830
Price (July 27, 2020) – $0.00165997
Growth between April 9 and July 27 – 886.31%

SHA price performance against BTC

Price (April 9, 2020) – 0.00000002 BTC
Price (July 27, 2020) – 0.00000017 BTC
Growth between April 9 and July 27 – 750%

As one of the biggest gainers in this micro-cap altcoins list, the Safe Haven token SHA has consistently been performing well since April 9.

What led to this growth?

Safe Haven is culminating its years of hard work as it is on the verge of releasing its flagship product Inheriti. As the Inheriti beta-testing was extremely successful, the community is pretty excited. With the launch of Inherti, Safe Haven will be capable of transferring the information to multiple parties in an extremely secure way.

Curio (CUR) 

CurioInvest is a unique blockchain-backed platform that helps premium car buyers invest in premium collectible cars. Moreover, its sister concern, Mercuria Helvetica AG, has fostered relations with top-tier automotive companies. These include Pagani, Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz. With access to over 500 ultra-rare vehicles, it brings exclusive investment opportunities for the premium car enthusiasts from day one.

MarketCap (July 2020) – Not Known
Current CoinGecko Ranking (July 2020) – N/A

CUR price performance against USD

Price (April 9, 2020) – $0.155167
Price (July 27, 2020) – $1.02
Growth between April 9 and July 27 – 557.3563%

CUR price performance against BTC

Price (April 9, 2020) – 0.00002116 BTC
Price (July 27, 2020) – 0.00010217 BTC
Growth between April 9 and July 27 – 382.84%

This is another microcap altcoin on the list that has gained over 500% since  April 9.

What led to this growth?

In the month of May, the CurioInvest (CUR) marketplace started supporting the Huobi Token (HT). With this integration, the platform users can invest or make purchases of premium cars using the Huobi Token. Furthermore, the CurioInvest platform has been attempting to bring real-time evaluation to ultra-premium collectible cars. For the same reason, it has collaborated with Chainlink.

CurioInvest also made it to the 10 finalists at the renowned 2020 Finance & Insurance

Final takeaway

These lesser-known projects are yet to reach a significant market cap. However, their price movements have been very impressive. This indicates that crypto enthusiasts have started noticing these projects and are eager to take a little risk.

Undoubtedly, these projects are far from competing against projects like Ethereum, Quant, Chainlink, and more, but slowly and steadily they are carving their position in the crypto-verse.

If you had have bought $100 of every coin we recommended, costing you just $800, you would now have $4753. That would have translated into almost a 500% gain!

If you’re interested in some of our more recent picks check out this video and this one.

At Altcoin Buzz, we keep a close watch on upcoming projects. Do let us know about your favorite projects in the comment section below.  


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