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XinFin [XDCE] Hybrid Blockchain Update

Community Update:  28 November 2018

  • XinFin Presents at Blockchain for Fintech Conference in Boston
  • New Exchange Listings
  • XinFin sponsors blockchain hackathons in India

XinFin Presents at BFC2018NA

The Blockchain for Finance Conference 2018 in Boston, North America (BFC2018NA), is a fintech-focused event sponsored by KPMG, Oracle, Ernst & Young and XinFin for 150 blockchain and finance professionals.

On Nov 14 & 15, XinFin’s Co-founder and Head of Ecosystem Development, Atul Khekade, presented XinFin and TradeFinex.

In his presentation, Atul explained the reasons why many fintech and global trade enterprises are using XinFin Hybrid Blockchain platform in place of any public and private platforms which were way too public or private respectively. Atul explained that private blockchains didn’t have a public trust layer and the public blockchains were too public or decentralized for the enterprises to work with them.

XinFin’s hybrid architecture is enterprise-friendly and has the least interference with law and compliance systems. Built on the same virtual machine specifications of Ethereum, yet operating independent of Ethereum, XinFin Hybrid Blockchain runs on delegated proof of consensus where the existing set of validators approve the next delegators coming in and KYC/AML are present on the nodes itself.

Atul shared how TradeFinex and that the XinFin protocol can speak the language of all core banking systems, including SWIFT which is used globally for interbank transfers. The XinFin protocol is also designed to be interoperable with FIAT currencies and stable coins.

Since Sept 2018, XinFin was accepted to participate in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) Sandbox to live-test the TradeFinex Platform. This enables TradeFinex to independently evaluate, monitor, and live-test solutions with ADGM clients under full compliance and regulatory frameworks.

Atul concluded his presentation by extending an invitation to the audience and sponsors to access the TradeFinex set of APIs. He invited them to have platforms styled with XinFin’s common data standard which includes XinFin’s decentralized credit data across different financial technologies, banks, which works with KYC data. XinFin is also implementing zero-knowledge proofs.

For more information on Atul’s presentation about XinFin and TradeFinex or to see the video of Atul Khekade presentation at BFC2018NA please click HERE


XinFin’s XDCE token is an ERC20 token and is available on 15 exchanges. In the past month, several more exchanges have been added.  For a full list of exchanges please click HERE

DOBI Trade Exchange:

On Oct 11th XinFin XDCE token listed on DOBITrade, a top 10 exchange based on daily trading volume.

On Nov 3rd, XinFin was listed on exchange!/trade/XDCE-ETH

On Nov 21st, XinFin was listed on Bigmarkets exchange. is a new global exchange based in London that just launched recently.

XinFin Wins Indodax Community Vote – listing soon

Indodax is the largest bitcoin & digital assets exchange in Indonesia.

Every month they hold a community vote on their platform enabling the community members of many projects to participate in selecting which projects Indodax will list.

In total there were 57 blockchain projects that were voted for in the last Indodax’s community vote. XinFin secured first position. XinFin management would like to thank their community for their continued support and contribution to our project.

Information about the listing of XDCE will be announced by Indodax and XinFin after they have completed their due diligence process. You can follow Indodax on Twitter for announcements.


XinFin has been proactive in growing the blockchain developer ecosystem through various global initiatives.

Earlier in the year, they announced that they were building a Network Protocol Engineering and Business Development Lab at UC Berkeley. This was following an earlier commitment to establish of a Research and Development Protocol Lab at Temasek Launchpad, Singapore.

Now XinFin is continuing their investment in ecosystem development by sponsoring several blockchain hackathons in India.

A hackathon is a design sprint-like event in which developers and others involved in blockchain and software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and others collaborate intensively on software projects.

The goal of a hackathon is to create usable blockchain and software with the goal of creating a functioning product by the end of the event.

Hackference India

Sponsored by Google, GitHub and XinFin, Hackference is billed as the biggest open source

hackathon in India.  Held on 5-16 Dec 2018 at Kstart Bengaluru, India.

For more information visit:

Global Blockchain Hackathon

XinFin is sponsoring the Bloombox Global Blockchain Hackathon to be held K.J Somaiya College of Engineering, Vidyavihar, Mumbai India to be held on December 19,20 & 21 2018

Bloombox is the Entrepreneurship Cell of K.J.Somaiya College of Engineering.  The Global Blockchain Hackathon serves as a unique platform to help coders showcase their skills using blockchain technology.

For more information visit

CSI-SPIT Hackathon

XinFin Community is sponsoring CSI-SPIT Hackathon 2019 held at Sardar Patel Institute of Technology , Mumbai, India to be held on 5 & 6 Jan 2019.

Registration open till Dec 7 2018
Register here :

XinFin Community Newsletter:

XinFin has launched a fortnightly community newsletter. The newsletter provides regular updates, announcements, media, events attended, exchange listings, etc, in addition to background information on XinFin, its partners, and technology.

To join the XinFin Community Newsletter you can subscribe here:

About XinFin [XDCE]:

XinFin is an open source hybrid blockchain platform for global trade and finance. Combining the best attributes of both private and public blockchain XinFin offers a scalable, secure enterprise-grade blockchain that is well suited for highly regulated industries and commercially sensitive data.

XinFin Publication:




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