tamadoge review

Today, we’re going to focus on one coin that isn’t just a run-of-the-mill meme coin. It’s a project that’s building a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game, NFTs, and even a metaverse! 

So which coin are we talking about? Why it’s none other than Tamadoge! In this two-part article series, we’ll be giving you a beginner’s guide about this interesting project.

What Is Tamadoge?

Now, you already know Tamadoge isn’t just a meme coin project. From its website, the team aims to position its project into Web3 gaming. To do this, it has been releasing arcade-style games and NFTs to the public.

tamadoge review

Source: Twitter

So, what games are currently playable online? To be honest, there are quite a few addictive games. So far, the available five are:

  • Tamadoge Run.
  • Rocket Doge.
  • To The Moon.
  • Tama Blast.
  • Super Doge.

In the following section, we’ll take a look at which games are the best. But for now, let us explore the world of Tamadoge NFTs.

Tamadoge - NFTs
Source: OpenSea

In a nutshell, the project has three kinds of NFTs: Common, Rare, and Ultra Rare. Common has a limit of 20,000 NFTs, whilst Rare has 1,000 and Ultra Rare, has 100. All three types of NFTs serve the same purpose. They possess enhanced speed and awareness. The enhancement increases with improved rarity. This gives their owners an edge in the arcade games above. In turn, owners have a higher chance to score higher in these games. Hence, earning them more $TAMA tokens.

If you would like to own some Tamadoge NFTs, you can buy Common NFTs on Opensea, Rare NFTs, and Ultra Rare NFTs.

Wait! That’s not all. The team isn’t stopping at just arcade games! That wouldn’t be right! Indeed, the Tamaverse is in the works as we speak. As the name suggests, it’s the native Metaverse of the project. The team is also working on a mobile app that displays your NFT too. Unfortunately, both features aren’t ready yet. But, we can be sure that the NFTs mentioned earlier will have utility in the metaverse and mobile app.

Moving on, let us review the games which are available. From there, you can choose the best game for yourself!

Best Tamadoge Games

Before we begin, it’s important for you to know how the arcade games work. Notably, there’re two modes that you can choose to play with:

  • “Practice” mode. In this mode, you can play the arcade games for free. But, your score will not be placed on the leaderboard.
  • “Play-to-Earn” mode. In this mode, you’ve got to pay 1 $TAMA token for each credit to play. Or, you need to have a Tamadoge NFT to play for free. Your score will be placed on the leaderboard. If you get a high score, you can win $TAMA from the prize pool.

Now that you understand how arcade games work, let’s move on to the games proper.

1) Tamadoge Run

In this game, you play as an auto-running doggo collecting coins. Also, you’ve got to collect bones to improve your doggo’s stamina.

Tamadoge - Run
Source: Tamadoge

The game ends when you fall off a cliff or if your health or stamina depletes. This game is kind of similar to the Google Chrome Dino game, but it’s more challenging.

2) Rocket Doge

Here, you play as a doggo moving across obstacles and enemies with a rocket. Similarly, you’ve got to collect coins to improve your score.

Rocket Doge
Source: Tamadoge

By tapping on the rocket, your doggo gets boosted slightly. This allows you to maneuver past obstacles. This is pretty much similar to the Flappy Bird game.

3) To the Moon

Next, in this game you play as a doggo with a po-go stick, bouncing on platforms. You try to bounce higher to collect more coins while avoiding enemies and obstacles.

To the Moon
Source: Tamadoge

The higher you bounce, the higher your score. The game’s inspiration comes from old phone games like Doodle Jump and Mega Jump.

4) Tama Blast

For this game, you play in an ice hockey setting. Your job is to score as many goals as possible with your Tama puck.

Tama Blast
Source: Tamadoge

Naturally, there will be obstacles in your way. In a time limit, you’ve got to score as many goals as possible. This will help you get a higher score on the leaderboard.

5) Super Doge

Last but not least, Super Doge is a game where you get as many coins, while avoiding enemies. Said enemies are called SECKnights. This game resembles that of Super Mario. Again, the more coins you collect, the higher your score on the leaderboard.

Super Doge
Source: Tamadoge

So, which of these is the best Tamadoge game? Truth be told, it’s really up to your personal preference. The only way to find out is – Try all five of these yourself! Choose the “Practice” mode to try these games, and you won’t have to spend a dime to play.

$TAMA Use Cases

We’ve been talking a lot about $TAMA. What exactly are its use cases? First, it’s for players of arcade games. 1 $TAMA equates to 1 gaming credit. This allows you to play any arcade game at once. Therefore, it also represents a chance to top the leaderboard and win the $TAMA prize pool of each game.

Second, it acts as a reward token. By rewarding $TAMA to players, the project incentivizes more players to buy the NFTs and to play the games. With this model, it hopes to build a community around Tamadoge.

Last but not least, $TAMA serves as a transaction token. You can use it to buy items within the ecosystem. For instance, within the Tamaverse or the mobile app.

Where to Buy Tamadoge?

It’s pretty easy finding the markets for buying the $TAMA token. To do so, head on over to its CoinGecko markets page. From here, you can view the list of exchanges that support $TAMA trading. From this list, pick an exchange that you like.

To summarize, you’d like to use an exchange with a green trust score, low spread, and high volume. This means the exchange is trustworthy, and you’ll be getting accurate prices for your $TAMA.

TAMA Markets Page
Source: Coingecko

From the above list, we’d like to recommend ByBit. It’s got a green trust score, low spread, and high trading volume. For sure, it’s a good choice for $TAMA trading. If you’ve not signed up for an account, you can do so here. By signing up with this link, you’re eligible for exclusive rewards. This comprises a sweet deposit bonus, a chance to win a brand-new iPhone 14, and commissions for referrals.

How to Sell Tamadoge?

Alright! You’ve made a good trade and you’re looking to cash in some profits. Then stick around for this section. We’re going to guide you through how to sell your $TAMA tokens.

Now, head on over to your chosen exchange’s $TAMA/$USDT trading pair. For this example, we’ll be using ByBit’s trading pair here. Next, do the following:

  • Click on the “Sell” tab. 
  • Click on “Limit”. This allows you to choose the price for selling your $TAMA.
  • Key in the “Order Price”. 
  • Input the Qty of $TAMA to sell. Alternatively, you can choose the % of holdings to sell using the bar below.
Source: ByBit

Voila! Once that’s done, you’ve successfully sold your $TAMA for $USDT. That was a piece of cake, wasn’t it?


We hope you’ve enjoyed the first part of this beginner’s series about Tamadoge. There’s still a second part coming though! In the second part, we’ll take a deep dive into Tamadoge NFTs. We’ll also look at the legitimacy of this project. So stay tuned!

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