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The Play-to-Earn model is becoming a part of the mainstream gaming culture. In the past, players would play games only because they liked them. However, in P2E games, users can combine the economic model.

Therefore, this monetary benefit, along with the low entry barrier, low network fee, results in a massive surge of players towards the success of the gaming projects. After the recent popularity of Axie infinity and StepHero, another project joining the race is PlayerMon.

What is PlayerMon?

The project was developed by skilled gaming professionals who were fans of the Pokemon Trading Card Game and the Animal Crossing video games. It is an NFT-based game where players need to acquire the main gaming characters called Playermons.

Also, players can then use these playermons to explore and fight battles in the gaming universe. They can further purchase eggs and breed these playermons.

Recently, the platform has launched its first official version of the game, called SpaceDen. So, here in this article, we will explore how players can access the SpaceDen gaming interface and how to interact with the playermons.

What is SpaceDen?

Launched on December 22nd, 2021, SpaceDen is a game within the Playermon Metaverse inspired by Tamagotchi. The game is available in Polygon, allowing players to enjoy, access, and earn with low gas fees and quick transaction speeds.

In SpaceDen currently, players can have three playermons, and can perform the following actions:

  • Interact with your Playermons by feeding, bathing, and playing with them
  • Complete the Happy Hour tasks
  • Buy accessories for SpaceDen
  • Earn $SGEMs tokens as a reward

Also, each successful action will give you love points and a series of such events that will increase love rank and help earn Spaceden accessories.

Platform Tokens

PlayerMon uses two kinds of tokens:

  • PYM Native governance token of the project. Users can get the PYM token from many major exchanges like, QuickSwap, SushiSwap, BitForex, and MEXC. Also, the PYM tokens can be used to purchase playermons.
  • SGEM- Player can earn this token by playing the game by completing gaming tasks

Both tokens are used to buy gaming assets and breed playermon. Now, you can follow these steps to download PlayerMon and start playing it.

Step 1: Download The Game

To access Spaceden, visit the PlayerMon site.


Click on the login button located at the top right of the website and connect your Metamask wallet with Polygon.

Then, you will see the below screen. If you are a first-time user, you need to download the game on your desktop or mobile phone.


Remember to save a copy of your QR code (see screenshot below) to access the game later.


Click on the Download Now button located at the bottom left of the website. Then, you will find options to download the game for your Windows or Android device. Next, select your desired choice, where the following window will appear:


A zip file will be downloaded if you play the game for Windows. The file download may take a few minutes.

Then, extract the zip folder and select the PlayerMon application under playermon-game-v1.0.0\playermon-game-v1.0.0 to start the game.

When you launch the application, you will get the below screen. To log in, you need to enter the QR code (explained earlier to save the wallet QR code).


Once you log in, you will see the game interface:


The SpaceDen console will appear now. You will find three playermons (by default) on the screen.

Players need to take care of their playermons, buy feeding them, bathe them, and play with them. Whenever these playermons require specific attention, it will pop up, and players need to perform that. Therefore, players are rewarded with Love points for performing correct action, and consequently, their love rank rises.


Then, players need to perform the action requested by the playermons correctly. Any wrong action, or other than specified by the playermons, can be led to stop the event, and players need to start again.

With each love rank, players get SpaceDen accessories as rewards. You can see highlighted below.


Finally, you will also find a special bonding event called Happy hours every 12 hours. Players earn $SGEM tokens when they complete their happy hours.

PlayerMon’s Marketplace

Radix is PlayerMon’s marketplace where players from every galaxy can trade their playermons, purchase eggs and planets. When writing the article, there were around 946 playermons in the market.


Also, to know more specific details about every playermon, you can click on any of them to get details like breed count or body parts. In the following picture, you can see more about this:


Finally, players can buy the PlayerMon NFT’s from Radix, OpenSea, LootEx, and Tofunft.

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