How to Play Bomb Crypto

Bomb crypto is a very popular blockchain game on the Binance Smart Chain. It is heavily marketed and often ranked in the top five of games having maximum transactions on BSC. Is the game worth the hype? In this article, we will tell you how to play Bomb Crypto and what we feel about it.


The storyline of Bomb Crypto is based on the fictional land of Bomberland. Evil forces invaded the land and destroyed it. Scientists created heroic bombers to rescue BCoin and the people. The heroes are the primary NFTs in Bomb Crypto. You will need at least one to start your game.

The heroes come with different rarities, namely common, rare, super rare, epic, legend, and SP legend. The higher the rarity, the stronger the power stats of the Heroes.


Bomb Crypto is a two token ecosystem:

  • Bomber Coin (BCoin) token is the in-game currency. It is used to purchase and upgrade Heroes. You also earn in BCoin.
  • Senspark (SEN) is the token used to develop the platform and the broader ecosystem of the parent company, Senspark.
Game Modes

Currently, there are four types of game modes:

  • Adventure: You need 15 heroes to start this mode. You will have to destroy monsters and reach the next levels. This mode is a perfect example of choosing the heroes with the right skills to play.
  • Treasure Hunt: This is a single-player mode. Hunt for chests to earn BCoin.
  • Amazon Survival: Survive against nature and earn BCoin.
  • Battle: This is the PvP mode. Battle with other players. The last one who stands wins the tokens of all other players.

Bomb Crypto

Log In

Go to the Bomb Crypto website.

As of now, you can play on the Web or Android. The IOS version is coming soon. We will use the Web version. Click on Play Now.

Bomb Crypto

Connect with your MetaMask account. You will enter the gameplay Dashboard.

Bomb Crypto

Purchase Heroes

Buy bomber heroes in the shop. You can control a maximum of 15 bomber heroes in the in-game map. Your chest can hold up to 500 heroes. There are two ways to collect bomber heroes: rescue a hero or buy in the marketplace.

  • Rescue Hero: Users participate in missions. There is a rare chance that he finds a prison block that has locked a bomber hero. Rescue it. The player will receive a damaged hero. The hero will need some time to start playing.
  • Buy Hero: Buy a hero from the marketplace.

You must have at least 10 Bcoin to buy a hero. Purchase BCoin (contract address 0x00e1656e45f18ec6747F5a8496Fd39B50b38396D) from Pancakeswap.

To start playing, we need at least one hero. Below are the steps to purchase a hero.

We can purchase from the primary market or the secondary market.

Primary Market

Go to “Shop” to begin.

Bomb Crypto

Select the quantity you want to buy. Let us try to buy one hero.

Bomb Crypto

I got a common hero.

In case you want to start with a hero of higher rarity and more skills, you can purchase from the secondary marketplace.

Secondary Market

Go to the game’s homepage. Click on Marketplace. Connect your wallet.

Bomb Crypto

Go to Market. Filter the rarity you want and the Skill Stats you need to strengthen your team to compensate for your other heroes.

Bomb Crypto

Click on the Chest icon. You will find all your heroes in your chest inventory.

Bomb Crypto

You can activate a maximum of 15 Heroes in the Treasure Hunt mode. However, you can hold more heroes in inventory and activate or deactivate them depending on your strategy.

Click on the Heroes icon. Your activated heroes will be here. Manually activate the work button to put them to work.


Now, go back to the dashboard and enter the Treasure Hunt mode.

Bomb Crypto

The game plays automatically. The heroes hunt down the chests and collect Bcoins. Do remember that you can only use 15 Heroes in one treasure hunt. Watch the heroes hunt down the chests.

As the game goes on, the heroes’ stamina decreases. Once they run out of stamina, they automatically switch into Rest mode. The heroes will now gain back stamina slowly. They recharge at a rate of 0.5 energy/ min. This means that it takes 200 minutes to fill 100 energy. Till that time, you have two options. Play with more hero NFTs. This is not recommended as the number of heroes minted is very high, and we do not see any appreciation in resale value for the heroes with lower rarity.  Alternately, you can put the heroes in a House. They recharge faster in the House, thereby saving time.

The collected Bcoins from the last played game are available in the reward chest, located at the top right of the dashboard.

Bomb Crypto

You will have to claim the Bcoins. Note that you will need a minimum of 40 Bcoins collected. Also, the platform charges a 3% fee for every claim.


The heroes recharge faster in a House. This saves you time. To buy a House, click on the House Icon, and you will see the types of Houses and their charge rate. The Houses have their charge rates as per below:

  • No House – 0.5/min
  • Tiny House – 2/min
  • Mini House – 5/min
  • Lux House – 8/min
  • Penthouse – 11/min
  • Villa – 14/min
  • Super Villa – 17/min

“Slot” decides the number of heroes that can rest inside a House at a single point. Note that you can not use two Houses at the same time. If you buy a bigger House, you can reuse the previous one or sell it in the secondary market.

Bomb Crypto

The Houses have a fixed supply of 5000. All the Houses are currently sold, so we will have to purchase the same from the secondary marketplace.

Go back to the home page. Go to Marketplace. Click on Market and then click on the Bhouse tab. Filter by House rarity, connect your wallet, and click on buy.

Bomb Crypto

Once you have purchased the House, click on the House icon in the Dashboard. All your heroes are resting there.

Hero Stats

The heroes have the below stats:

  • Power – Indicates the damage every time a hero places a bomb. The stat ranges from 1 to 18 based on the hero’s rarity.
  • Speed – Indicates how fast can a hero travels. If speed is 1, then the hero will move 1 block per second. This stat also ranges from 1 to 18.
  • Stamina – This indicates how many bombs a hero can generate in total. If the stamina is 1, a hero can place 15 bombs per stamina. When the stamina is finished, the heroes will be unable to place any bombs and need to rest. Ranges from 1 to 18.
  • Bomb Number – Indicates how many bombs a hero can place at a time. Ranges from 1 to 6.
  • Bomb Range – Indicates the range when the bomb explodes. This is measured by the number of blocks covered in the range.

Along with the above, the heroes will have additional skills:

  • Jail Breaker – +5 damage on jail block.
  • Pierce Block – The bomb can pierce through many blocks.
  • Save Battery – Save 20% energy while placing a bomb.
  • Fast Charge – Heroes can restore more energy during rest.
  • Bomb Pass – Heroes pass through bombs while they move.
  • Block Pass – Heroes can pass through blocks (only destroyable blocks) while they move.
  • Treasure Hunter – +2 damage on block.
Upgrade a Hero

The more powerful a hero is, the more difficult is it to create them. To get better skills, you can upgrade your heroes. If you upgrade a hero, you will lose the previous one and gain a new one with +1 power. The maximum upgrade is with +5 power.

To upgrade, you will need one hero of the same level as the one you want to upgrade. You will also need some BCoin in your wallet.

Go to the chest. Select your hero and click on Upgrade.

Below is a chart on the amount of BCoins needed for upgrades.

Bomb Crypto


Bomb Crypto is a popular game on Binance Smart Chain. At the time of writing, the heroes are very cheap and affordable. The gameplay is not very intuitive. It also does not have good graphics. The price of BCoin has seen a drastic drop of 99%, and we are not sure whether it will recover any time soon. The game economics is not very strong. We recommend you start small. Play and test out this game to get a taste of blockchain gaming. However, immediately, there is no need to spend a huge amount. In case you like the game after a few rounds of play, then proceed to spend on other NFTs like Houses, upgrades, rare heroes, etc. For now, we will recommend playing just for the experience and not for investment (both time and money).

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