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Data ownership.

The phrase seems to populate all over the last few years and is arguably what ignited interest in crypto as something beyond a portfolio thickener in the first place. We all can conceptualize it, but true autonomous data management has yet to become accessible – at least without abandoning some of the most useful advents since the tech boom. The sheer sacrifice of utility when choosing the personal-data-friendly side of the Facebook, Google, and Amazon tradeoff is even a deleterious prospect for the most ardent of VPN-paying, off-grid-living, burner-cellphone-owning people (also affectionately known as “nutjobs”).

Even if you are not a nutjob, at this moment in tech it is hard to ignore the trend of big fines, lawsuits, scandals, and shadowy shell companies built on data misappropriation and misuse. If you are one to believe that controlling large sums of money has some sort of variance with power, it is hard not to feel your skin crawl when some of the money controlingest companies in the world are paying what feels like a glorified alimony check to the EU (looking at you Google), or being consistently sued for amounts that don’t fit without a line split on a Ti-83 calculator.

This is where crypto or rather crypto theory comes in – and I argue what made this tech phenomenon catch on more than others, post-boom. There was a need in the market, some aggregation of demand from tech consumers who were starting to become conscious of the early hints of data mismanagement out of Silicon Valley. To the layperson the sausage-making process that is modern technology is alien, and therein lies the heart of crypto – consumer confidence. Data ownership and decentralization are the key ingredients to any decent use case, and that is what is the future of crypto. The bells and whistles that many coins and companies offer are steps on a long road to what I see as a relatively self-evident goal, let’s not forget that there was Betamax before VHS and federalist papers before constitution (equally important inventions). The product with the core values at heart is what will pull through the finish line because that is the only product with inferior substitutes and thus a higher rate of consumer retention.

So, the question really is: “which product is that product?”.

I can say with decent confidence, as an economist and longtime crypto follower, Opacity (OPQ) is that product. I have commented previously on the quality of their team and used that as an indicator for long-term investment potential and trustworthiness – and now it appears that their development team has proven true to review.

There is a website launch before month’s end, and functional product rollout date set for May. The team has placed a heavy focus on data ownership, which is what I feel (as mentioned above) what sets OPQ apart from the rest – and I believe that the swath of crypto fanatics should feel similarly and here is why:

I don’t think that most would argue that crypto is at its apex right now, there is work to be done and mainstream adoption to be achieved. We are likely on the upward curve of a new technology – which means that the chart toppers right now are highly unlikely to hold their positioning as time moves forward (hearkening back to the allegory of the Betamax). So, logically, the top ten companies on Coinmarketcap right now will not be the top ten even a year from now (we barely see month to month in crypto as it stands, apart from maybe Bitcoin). The company that will be head honcho a year from now is the one that best suits the market climate a year from now.

Let’s not forget it’s down to the consumer to decide who lives and who dies, especially in crypto where there is scant a decent sized institution to exercise any oligopical or monopolistic control. So yes, XRP is up there right now, but it’s up there in a time littered with memecoins and folks trying to win Lamborghinis. When the consumer base finishes its shift to a more dynamic marketplace, I almost guarantee that there will be a simultaneous shift towards cryptocurrencies that favor such conditions – cryptocurrencies like Opacity.

Opacity is that underdog, working tirelessly to outperform the bear market and bring nuance to the marketplace. OPQ wants to establish tokens/coins as a primary means of business interaction, provide users default encrypted data file storage, provide a censorship-resistant protocol through the decentralized network and all while putting emphasis on user-friendly interfacing. If this doesn’t sound like all the reasons why you want crypto to succeed, then you might be one of those people who are just here for a Lambo – and even if you are, since the last time I commented on OPQ they’ve climbed 48% in price and 37% in market cap (relative to real USD).

OPQ is the up-and-comer, and with the website launch this month and product in May its going to get harder and harder to ignore their charge to the top. I for one am betting on the new challenger, not the aging defending champ.

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