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In the last decade, the growth of the streaming industry has been unprecedented. However, it has one major limitation: the content that streamers create has only one way to be monetized and that is when their community watches their videos.

That and other related problems are where the use of NFTs comes in. In this article, you will learn about a company that is focusing on letting influencers improve how they monetize their content and boost their community at the same time. They want to onboard the first 1 billion users into web3.

What is Glimpse?

Glimpse is a web3 social media marketplace where anyone can convert their content to NFTs and trade them on the platform. That way, your community can purchase your NFTs with no paying of gas fees on the fast, inexpensive Polygon Network.

With this platform, creators will be able to earn 95% of the value they create. Not like current platforms that often pay creators 50% of it or even less. Another important benefit is that creators can start monetizing their content from day 1. You won’t have to achieve certain requirements first to start monetizing.

Also, Glimpse is not only an NFT marketplace, you can get in and chat like in your current apps, and participate in Meet & Greets and private chats. It’s just like a social network. On the other hand, this platform has its own token, $GLMS, that you need to get to purchase NFTs inside the platform. You can also send $GLMS tokens to your friends.

How Glimpse Works?

To create an account, you can signup for this platform with a web2 or web3 option. After you create your account, everyone can create (mint) your NFT-content without gas fees with 4 options:

  • 1/1 NFTs.
  • Collections.
  • Editions.
  • Free Claimable collections/airdrops.

Another feature of Glimpse is that creators can start or join public/private communities. This means that creators can interact with their audience via discord-style chats, polls, or provide access to exclusive content (NFT collections).

On the other hand, it’s true that, nowadays, there are other web3 platforms that are focusing on trying to boost creators’ monetization. But, there is only one winner. Here is a comparison chart:


Source: Glimpse
Glimpse Launches its Android and iOS app

The platform just released its iOS and Android app. It’s in Beta, so you can start playing with it now.

Everyone around the world can start using it. So, keep tuned to their Twitter, and Telegram accounts to know their latest news.

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