5 coins under $1 for the next bull market

A month ago, I did the first part of this article, and I was amazed by your response. So, I went all out and along with my research team found out 5 more under $1 altcoins that could make you the next crypto millionaire. 

But obviously, you will have to wait and hold these coins until the next bull run.

Coin #1: MATIC

Polygon is one of the OGs. They built their L2 chain on top of Ethereum. Recently, Polygon has been in the news for plenty of new partnerships with big, global brands. They’ve almost been weekly in our news. Here’s a recent one, from a week ago. These partnerships should have a positive result on the MATIC price. Simply because the public will have an increased demand for MATIC.

So, let’s have a look at some of these partnerships. For instance:

  • Starbucks Odyssey — An NFT marketplace for their Liberty program
  • LGND Music — Play music digital collectibles, or “Virtual Vinyl”, on-the-go.   
  • Disney accelerator — NFT marketplace, AI, VR, and AR development.

And there are many more big brands that associated with Polygon recently. For example, Adidas or the NFL with an NFT marketplace. Or what about Stripe for a Web3 Payment system?

On a technical level, they are also pushing boundaries with their zkEVM announcement. By using ZK rollups, Polygon can achieve scalability without affecting user experience. It will also not impact development work. The current price of MATIC is $0.801009. The market cap is $7.1 billion. From the 10 billion MATIC tokens, almost 9 billion already circulate.

So, are you buying MATIC? Recently, or are you also an OG? In the meantime, let’s move on to our next altcoin, AZERO.

Coin #2: AZERO

AZERO is an L1 blockchain with private smart contracts and instant finality. Just a few days ago, we talked about their new mainnet. Only two weeks ago, they managed to include community validators into their mainnet. Their mainnet received an upgrade. This is a serious proof of progress towards decentralizing the project.

Although we’re in a bear market, you can see that Aleph Zero has constantly been building. They also went out on the road, and took part in the Sub 0, Polkadot developer conference in Lisbon. This was in late November. It’s also worthwhile to check out their active blog. They are also making a rumble on other social media.

It’s a project to keep an eye out on. The price of AZERO is currently $0.952557. The market cap sits at $195 million. The total supply of AZERO coins is almost 319 million. Out of this, 205 million coins are in circulation. Is AZERO on your watch list? It certainly is on mine. And we’re already at #3, ASTR.

Coin #3: ASTR

Astar was one of the first parachains on Polkadot. Which, by the way, is also one of our all-time faves! Astar is an L1 smart contract platform. They support a variety of blockchains and virtual machines. In other words, it connects the Polkadot ecosystem to Ethereum, Cosmos, and all major Layer 1 Blockchains.

They are the key to the blockchain future. And Astar is right in the middle of this. They’re on the forefront with their efforts to move from EVM towards WASM (WebAssembly). As we know, EVM is the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The EVM allows the smart contracts to run. WASM, on the other hand, supports more languages and also comes with a more extensive set of tools than EVM. WASM and EVM are what we call the runtime environments where the smart contracts can execute.

On the other hand, the Astar team is very active. Their developments include regular technical updates, community efforts, and partnerships. For example:

  • They post regular updates on social media.
  • The introduction of light clients. They replace the RPCs, which are the most centralized part of a blockchain ecosystem. Things like claiming staking rewards, bidding on NFTs, or on-chain voting. They all pass through an RPC.
  • WASM integration, mentioned by Bloomberg.

So, the current price of ASTR is $0.0386329. This comes with a $147.7 million market cap. From the 7.65 billion total supply, 50% of their coins circulates. Their max supply is infinite. So, let’s have a look at entry #4, KAVA.

Coin #4: KAVA

KAVA is one of our favorite altcoins from the Cosmos ecosystem. KAVA is an L1 blockchain which interoperates between Ethereum EVM and Cosmos. It’s also a popular lending and borrowing platform in DeFi. So, if you want to find more about KAVA, you can watch our deep dive into KAVA video

One of the reasons why they kept growing, is their incentive program. Kava Rise is a $750million developer grant. It has been incentivizing builders within their ecosystem. Here is a full list of KAVA projects is here on DeFiLlama, and it is an impressive list. Their ecosystem is also rather impressive, as their website shows. In general, I can say that they’re building many projects. These will form the foundation of a healthy DeFi ecosystem. 

They also released a massive ecosystem update in October. All these combined features, should have a positive impact on the KAVA token price. The current KAVA price is $0.709137. They have a market cap of $250.3 million. The total supply of 352.9 million KAVA coins equals the circulating supply. So, that is great, nu surprise dumping of coins is in the cards. Their rank on CoinGecko is 115.

Are you a fan of the Cosmos ecosystem? If so, what projects do you follow? Time to move on to our last coin, LSS.

Coin #5: LSS

Lossless is one of my favorite projects. That’s because they quietly keep building their security features in the background. So, Lossless is all about securing projects. In case they get hacked, Lossless can recover their tokens. That is, providing they ingrained the Lossless solution in their tokens. Their latest product, Aegis, keeps attracting new clients, including some bigger names like Harmony and Elysium.

They released Aegis V1 on 29th of September. Some of the features it has, are, for example:

  • Scan all mined transactions.
  • Spot malicious addresses.
  • Send real-time alerts.
  • Prevent smart contract exploits.

It baffles my mind that not more projects use their services and solutions. In Defi today, we’re in dire need of security protocols. For instance, they provide:

  • Insurance 
  • cybersecurity, 
  • REAL audits
  • hack prevention, etc. 

Lossless fits the bill and their products have a proven track record. Although the LSS token has limited utility, Lossless is an undervalued project. One thing to keep in mind is that they also have the first-mover advantage.

So, the LSS token price is currently $0.140830. Since they launched Aegis, the token saw green figures over the last 30 days. Their market cap is $8.3 million. Out of 100 million LSS coins, 58 million already circulate. So, lots of potential there.

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