Sensay Revolution: Crafting Memories with Personal AI Twins

AI has become an integral part of our digital lives in the digital era. Sensay is developing AI replicas providing digital transformation by creating your digital twin. These AI twins think, evolve, and interact with their environment.

They offer important use cases in the fields of healthcare, education, and entertainment. Sensay’s goal is to empower digital innovation to enhance lives with creativity.

What Sparked this Innovation?

With these digital replicas, Sensay aims to replicate the voices and images of our family members. This way, these replicas will have much more value to people. Sensay wants to use web3 technology to leverage the spirit of human connections with our best memories.

To create digital twins, Sensay needs to collect data and process it. Ensuring a high degree of accuracy and functionality. Sensay’s goal is to create an independent digital twin that can preserve our most treasured memories. Also, to allow future generations to communicate in a new way. For example, anyone will be able to chat with a digital replica of Ed Sheeran.

Use Cases

With web3 technology, SenSay wants to build digital replicas to preserve people’s knowledge. This will make people’s memories unchangeable and unaffected by censorship. Also, Sensay provides an easy and reliable way to create and manage digital copies.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) guarantee the authenticity of each duplicate in a trustless system. Here are its most important use cases:

  1. Support and care: Sensay’s digital replicas can act as aids for individuals with memory loss. They offer familiar interaction, helping to create memories with loved ones.

  2. Customized Digital friends: People can interact with digital mates based on their preferences.

  3. Share Personal Experiences: Users can share their stories to help save their family’s history.

  4. Training Support: Digital twins can teach people new things using interactive teaching tools.

$SNSY Token

$SNSY is the native token of Sensay. With this ERC-20 token, people will be able to make:

  • Transactions on the Sensay platform.

  • Gain access to Sensay services.

  • Empower data ownership.

  • Grant special access to features.

Token Contract on Ethereum Network: 0x82a605D6D9114F4Ad6D5Ee461027477EeED31E34

The $SNSY token is available in MEXC and Uniswap.

$SNSY Token Utility
  • Subscriptions: SNSY holders can pay subscriptions with discounted rates over the normal pricing.

  • People can earn rewards by interacting with the Sensay platform. Also, you can have rewards if you encourage others to interact with their duplicates.

  • Get rewards by staking $SNSY tokens.

  • Participate in Sensay’s governance.


Launch Date: Q1-2024

Launch Price: $0.001 per token

Purchase Limits: Min. $100, Max. $200,000 per participant

Network: Ethereum

DEX: Uniswapion on the IDO.

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