Binance Research: Comprehensive Crypto Industry Overview

Currently, the crypto market is bullish. Investors are happy about the possible outcomes of projects they invest in.

In this Binance research, you will discover the most important trends of the crypto industry in 2024.

Binance Insights: An In-Depth Look at the Cryptocurrency Market

The crypto ecosystem is vast. Let’s explore different aspects of crypto and their key leaders.


From this research, we found five key areas of innovation:

  • Scalability and Fairness.
  • Data usability and Tooling.
  • Security and privacy.
  • Cloud computing.
  • Connectivity.
Scalability and Fairness

Layer-1 (L1) blockchains are in use as more people board into the crypto space. There is a need to increase transaction speed and fairness in the distribution of rewards by using efficient methods. Some protocols exist to handle this.

Zero Knowledge (Zk) rollups

Zk rollups bundle transactions off-chain and confirm transactions with zero-knowledge proof. Examples are ZkSync, Scroll, and Linea.

Optimistic rollups

Optimistic rollups work based on assumptions that transactions are valid. Arbitrum, Base, and Blast are in this category. There’s more to it.

To validate transactions, some validators benefit by manipulating the inclusion or order of transactions within the Blockchain. Now, that’s a whole lot. But here’s the icebreaker. MEV solution prevents it and stops validators from acting by using Flashbots, Skip protocol, and Jito Lab.

For the second area of innovation, we have Data usability and Tooling.

Data usability and Tooling

For developers working with blockchain networks, data usability, and tools are essential to their work description. Currently, it isn’t easy to access and use blockchain data. The only way forward is by improving data query, indexing services, and smart contract automation. 

There are tools for data query. They are Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Providers. RPC provider reduces the hassle of getting blockchain data through traditional means. With RPC node providers, you can interact with blockchains and carry out any blockchain activity. Such tools include Alchemy, Infura, and Getblock.

Based on Data Indexing, we have The Graph, 0xScope, and Covalent.

Finally, based on Smart contract automation, we have the Gelato network and OpenZeppelin.

Security and Privacy

Recently, there have been so many reports of wallet hacks. There are specific tools and safer wallets for your usage as a crypto enthusiast.

For privacy solutions, we have some protocols that add to the security of a blockchain network. they include ImmuneFi and Revoke Cash, Forta.

For a safer wallet, specific crypto wallets need two or more private keys for transactions, posing to be much more secure than your regular wallets. They include Safe, Msafe, and Squads.

Do you know that some projects have your privacy as their primary concern? Anoma, Automata, and Hopr operate at that angle. They ensure your private information is safe. 

Cloud Computing

We have sub-sectors like Cloud computing, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), and File storage.

For Cloud computing, we have tools like 4EVERLAND, Flux, and Render Network.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) has protocols like Meson Network, Media Network, Theta Network, and Fleek.

Finally, for File storage, there is Filecoin, Ethereum Swarm, Sia, Storj, and BNB Greenfield.


The connectivity between Layer-1 (L1) blockchains is not fully developed. They struggle to work together. The introduction of a cross-chain solution will improve user interaction with different blockchains. We have Cross-Chain Bridges, Oracles, and Wireless networks.

For the cross-chain bridge, we have Portal, Synapse, and Celer cBridge.

Oracles, we have Chainlink and Nest Oracle.

For Wireless Networks, we have Helium, Pollen, and Karrier One.

The next aspect of the crypto ecosystem that we would look into is DeFi.

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