The ethereum merge will take place on September 15 and the entire crypto ecosystem is eagerly awaiting this moment. Many say that this event will set a before and after in the whole sector, while some only in Ethereum.

As a result, CoinGecko has analyzed which countries where there is more interested in the ETH Merge. Read to the end of the article to find out the first position. But first, let’s understand how CoinGecko made this research:

CoinGecko’s Report Methodology

The report looks at English search phrases that people who are interested in the imminent Ethereum Merge regularly apply on a worldwide scale from Google Trends. So, Coingecko looked for these terms:

  • ‘Ethereum Merge’.
  • ‘ETH Merge’.
  • ‘Ethereum’.
  • ‘ETH’.
  • ‘ETH Classic’.
  • ‘Ethereum Classic’.
  • ‘Ethereum PoW’.
  • ‘ETH PoW’.
  • ‘Ethereum PoS’
  • ‘ETH PoS’.

From July 1 to September 4, 2022, these phrases were combined to provide each country a “total search score” to determine which nations had shown the greatest interest in the Ethereum Merge.

CoinGecko’s Ranking

This list has 8 countries in four groups, where searched terms are combined, analyzed, and ranked after the Gray Glacier Hard Fork on June 30, 2022:

#4: Netherlands / Australia

These countries rank third and fourth in search levels for “ETH Merge”, where they represent 16% of the study’s total search score.

#3: Germany / USA / Turkey

These countries have the highest search levels for the “Ethereum PoW” term.

#2: Switzerland / Canada

These countries draw a tie in the second place with a total search of 286 each. Also, Switzerland has the highest search volume for “ETH” and “ETH merge”. On the other hand, Canada is first in search volume for “ETH PoW”.

#1: Singapore

Having 377 in total, this country has the highest volume search for terms like “Ethereum Merge”, “ETH Classic”, and “Ethereum” around the world. Also, Singapore has the second largest search volume for “ETH merge”. Switzerland is the first in this term.

Top countries with the highest search volume related to ethereum merge

It’s important to say that “proof of work” searches are 169% more than “proof of stake” related searches. Also, “Ethereum” related searches are 40% higher than “Ethereum Classic” related searches.

On the other hand, Bobby Ong, COO, and co-founder of CoinGecko commented on the findings: “Anticipation for the Merge is at an all-time high, as its effects will ripple throughout the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. The top 8 rankings in this list seem to encompass countries with strong Ethereum communities, which might explain their high search scores in this study.”

More About CoinGecko

If you are interested on keep track of new and trending tokens in one place, CoinGecko’s “Watchlist” section is a very interesting page to bookmark in your browser. Nowadays, these are the Top 5 trending cryptos:

  • Terra Luna Classic: The value of LUNC value grew 441% in the last 30 days.
  • Cosmos Hub: ATOM is currently trading at $15.81 and grew 38% in the last month.
  • EVMOS: This project is also having a very important boost with 62% in the last 30 days.

Also, on the right side of this section, you can see the “new cryptocurrencies”. So, you can open each one, analyze the project and save it in your CoinGecko’s watchlist.

Finally, in the middle part, you can see the most voted projects from CoinGecko’s users. Nowadays, Bitcoin, DogeCoin, and XRP are in the Top 3.


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