Top 7 Arbitrum Coins for the Bull Market - Part 1

In the past year, new Layer 2 (L2) projects have been launching left, right and center. Some examples include Base, Mantle, and Manta. While this was happening, L2 stalwarts like Polygon and Optimism remained strong. Despite such fierce competition, Arbitrum still retains its top position.

Today, Arbitrum has the top Total Value Locked (TVL) amongst all L2 chains at over $2.59 billion. This shows us that the ecosystem is thriving and robust. With that, we take a look at the top 7 Arbitrum coins for the upcoming bull market below.

Coin #1 – $DMT

First on our list of top Arbitrum coins is $DMT. $DMT stands for Dream Machine Token. It’s the native token for Sanko GameCorp. The Sanko Dream Machine is an arcade-style dApp. In short, it’s got the following cool features:

  • A gaming console.
  • NFT-related gaming.
  • Gambling games.
  • A “Twitch-like” streaming service, and more.

Sanko has chosen to build its dApp on Arbitrum. Naturally, it uses Arbitrum Orbit for better scaling and lower transaction costs. That’s great news for users like you and me. We’re able to enjoy its games and streams with low costs and high speeds.

In the middle of the Sanko ecosystem lies $DMT. Its main uses are for transactions, rewards, and staking. As of now, $DMT’s price is at $18, with a market cap of $10.8 million.

Coin #2 – $MOZ

Next on our list of top Arbitrum coins is $MOZ. $MOZ is the native token for Mozaic Finance. Simply put, Mozaic is a project that aims to optimize yields. To do this, it leverages two main technologies AI and LayerZero. Therefore with Mozaic, you can get the best yields automatically.

With its main product Archimedes, Mozaic uses AI to automate farming decisions. Currently, it has two main vaults.

  • Hercules Vault: Provides a yearly return on stablecoin deposits.
  • Theseus Vault: Provides a yearly return on deposits of $BTC, $ETH, $SOL, $ARB, $LINK, $UNI, $DOGE, $XRP, and $LTC.

Mozaic is built on Arbitrum. Thus, its $MOZ token is on the Arbitrum chain too. $MOZ’s main token utility is for staking, governance, and revenue sharing. Today, $MOZ price is at $0.156 and its market cap is $12 million.

Coin #3 – $RAM

The last on our list of top Arbitrum coins for this article is $RAM. $RAM is the native token for a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) called Ramses. Ramses DEX brings the Ve(3,3) concept to Arbitrum. In a nutshell, Ve(3,3) is a sustainable tokenomics design. It reduces reliance on large liquidity providers. And, it incentivizes users to contribute to the DEX in the long run.

Indeed, Ramses DEX has shown results with Ve(3,3). From the above tweet, you can see it already has $17.8 million in TVL. That’s pretty impressive for a young project. Aside from good tokenomics, the DEX has a good User Interface (UI) as well.

For certain DEXs, their token has little to no utility. But not $RAM. Its multiple use cases include incentives and locking to receive $veRAM. With $veRAM, users get a say in governance and allocating rewards to certain pools. Today, $RAM’s price is $0.045 and its market cap is $2.58 million.


That wraps it up for today’s article on the top Arbitrum coins. We’ve talked about $DMT, $MOZ, and $RAM. But, what about the next four coins? Here is the second part.

Note: This article was inspired by this tweet.


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