The Comparison Between Exodus vs Trust Wallet Vs MetaMask

Exodus, Trust Wallet, and MetaMask are three of the most popular digital wallets where you can exchange, store, receive, send, and buy cryptocurrencies. DeFi activities have increased greatly and crypto wallets play an integral role.

While we have several wallet options, each has its own unique features. So, selecting a wallet should be based on what you want. Trust Wallet, Exodus, and MetaMask are all simple and beginner-friendly. And traders can easily navigate the market via these wallets. So, we are going to make a comparison of these wallets, showing you how they fare along certain features. But before that, we’ll give an overview of each wallet.

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a crypto wallet that allows you to receive, send and store your crypto. You can also use this wallet to access decentralized applications (dapps). So, MetaMask is arguably the most popular crypto wallet today. This is, however, up for debate. It is also a web browser extension available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Brave.

MetaMask also allows users to use their browser to run dapps without running a full Ethereum node. Most developers see MetaMask as a gateway to Web3. MetaMask also has a Mobile app version which is available for IOS and Android users.

ConsenSys founded MetaMask in 2016, and its mobile app was created in 2019. The wallet is non-custodial, which means that the user’s device stores the private keys associated with the tokens in the wallet and that the wallet communicates directly with the Ethereum network without needing middlemen. The user receives a file with private keys encoded in a seed phrase after installation. Then, the user has total control over their assets.

What is Exodus Wallet?

Exodus is a software crypto wallet. It also has an integrated DEX exchange. This wallet is quite popular amongst newbies and crypto veterans. It has an easy-to-use interface and is pretty simple. You can use Exodus to swap, send and receive more than 180 cryptocurrencies. It also provides an all-in-one solution for keeping tabs on your crypto portfolio.

You can download Exodus for free on Mac, Windows, and Linux. It also has a mobile version for iOS and Android devices. Interestingly, Exodus integrates with ShapeShift to help users to use their portfolio for swapping their currencies.

What is Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet is a digital assets wallet with support for a number of currencies and digital assets built on Ethereum and compatible with other networks. It is also a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that supports over 100,000 digital assets and has a mobile app.

The non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet was established in 2017 by Viktor Radchenko, a Ukrainian software developer living in the United States. The Trust Wallet’s private keys are stored on a user’s device by design. This indicates that there are no third parties involved and that all transactions take place directly through communications with the several supported blockchains.

Comparing Exodus, Metamask and Trust Wallet
Platforms supported  

SaaS / Web
Transaction type Storing, staking, receiving, sending, swapping, earning interest sending, receiving and swaping cryptocurrencies. MetaMask supports staking and swapping alongside receiving and sending crypto.
Supported currencies ERC tokens, BNB chain tokens, NFTs, Bitcoin, other popular currencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Tether USD, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero ERC tokens, BNB chain tokens, test chains, NFTs. It does not support Bitcoin.
Custodial? No No No
Web extension There is no desktop or browser extension available. It has a browser extension MetaMask is available as a mobile app and a browser extension.  It is compatible with Chrome, Edge, Brave and Firefox.


Each wallet has its strong point and weak spot. MetaMask does not support Bitcoin and is less versatile than Trust Wallet. However, it is more developer friendly and is a good entrance to Web3.

So, picking a wallet should be based on your needs. Each of these wallets have documentation which can help you get started on how they work.

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