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NFT News | NFTs and the ETH Merge | September Week 3

NFT News | NFTs and the ETH Merge | September Week 3

The Ethereum Merge is finally here. The switch to PoS will make Ethereum 99 percent more energy efficient. Ethereum will enter a new era...
Top altcoins ready to explode post merge

Top 7 Altcoins Set to EXPLODE Post Ethereum Merge

The Merge is a reality now, and everyone is asking the same 2 questions. Will ETH pump or dump? What other coins will pump...
how to stake ethereum on coinbase

4 Questions About Staking Ethereum on Coinbase

The Merge is about to happen any moment now. That is when the Ethereum blockchain switches from the PoW to a PoS consensus mechanism....

CoinGecko’s Report: Top 8 Countries Most Interested in the ETH Merge

The ethereum merge will take place on September 15 and the entire crypto ecosystem is eagerly awaiting this moment. Many say that this event...
Strategy for the ethereum merge

Ethereum Merge Will Crash Crypto?! Strategy Revealed

Ethereum Merge is about to happen. It is due in less than two weeks.  In general, everybody seems to be worried about it. But...
how to bridge avalanche to ethereum

How to Bridge Avalanche (AVAX) to Ethereum (ETH)

Interoperability is one of the most popular keywords in the crypto space. Add cross-chain to this, and we're right on track. Different blockchains need...

How Will Polygon Benefit From Ethereum Merge?

With the approach of Ethereum Merge, comes the question of how it will affect Polygon?  In this article, find out what impact will the...
why coinbase introduced the cbeth token

Why Coinbase Introduced the cbETH Token?

Coinbase has announced plans to enable the Ethereum network to support Coinbase Wrapped Staked ETH (cbETH). So, users who stake ETH on Coinbase can...
THORSwap Launches Ethereum DEX Aggregator

THORSwap Launches Ethereum DEX Aggregator

THORSwap, the THORChain-based multi-chain DEX aggregator, has officially begun cross-chain trading for the majority of Ethereum tokens. THORSwap announced on August 23 that it had...

How Ethereum Clients are Preparing for the ETH Merge

The level of preparation for the Ethereum Merge has been increasing as the date is getting closer. The Ethereum ecosystem has been working extremely...