Introduction to Catbotica

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are one of our favorite parts of the blockchain industry. Since the 2020 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, we’ve covered several NFT projects, and many of them have had impressive performances.

The NFT market continues to capture lots of interest in 2023 and has advanced from how it was in 2020. However, like other parts of the blockchain world, there are some poorly-designed NFT projects that could be a waste of time and effort. But projects like CATBOTICA are bound to grab attention due to their use cases and potential.

As a trend, we love to give the spotlight to projects we believe have what it takes to turn heads in the market. While none of our pieces constitute investment advice, they’ll surely be a good place to start conducting your own research.

Back to our spotlight project! Last year, CATBOTICA sold out its one-of-a-kind Catbot NFT collection after a 10-hour public sale. The sale impressively generated a total of 1,124 ETH. Now, let’s dive deeper into this NFT project.

What’s CATBOTICA All About?

CATBOTICA is an IP-development company leveraging blockchain technology to create NFTs with a wide range of use cases. The CATBOTICA NFTs can be integrated into the metaverse used in an open-world game as well as an animated series.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, CATBOTICA launched as a collection of 12,000 NFTs. As mentioned earlier, the collection sold out in a couple of hours. While other NFT projects rely solely on artificial intelligence (AI), CATBOTICA features unique hand-drawn elements. According to the team, there are more than 450 hand-drawn assets in over 9,000 layers used to develop the CATBOTs. So, each NFT is unique and one of a kind.

CATBOTICA comes fully equipped with an exciting narrative. While most NFT projects lack any intrigue, CATBOTICA merges the thrill of ancient mysteries, suspense, and romance. The team aims to create a universe revolving around CATBOTs and their saga.

Since it is on the Ethereum blockchain, the initial governance art is using ERC-721 NFT standards.

The team chose the ERC-721 standard because of its features and ability to be easily integrated into ecosystem infrastructure. CATBOTs is not solely concerned with the artist or the art. Instead, its value propositions extend to collectors, gamers, traders, and investors.

Watch this video for a better understanding of CATBOTICA

CATBOT Utility

The Catbot NFTs have a wide range of use cases within the platform. They will serve as both redeemable keys and functional assets. Functioning as redeem keys, each Catbot NFT will enable the owner to participate in special promotions, future CATBOTICA private sales, and other exclusive events. Then, as a functional asset, each 2D NFT will enable the owner to mint a corresponding 3D Catbot with similar attributes.

Getting Started on CATBOTICA

If you’d love to join the CATBOTICA community, the steps are pretty simple. First, join the platform’s Discord channel. That’s where everything happens. You can get access to exclusive information and freebies. You also see information before it goes public.

Once you’re in the CATBOTICA Discord server, click the ‘Complete’ button. Then agree to the rules. Then click on the 🐈 emoji for final verification. Afterward, proceed to the next step, which involves getting a wallet.

You’ll need a crypto wallet that you can use to buy Ethereum, which you’ll use to buy your CATBOTICA NFTs. Coinbase is a good wallet for newbies, and it’s quite popular. Also, you’ll need a wallet to hold your CATBOTICA NFTs. MetaMask is a good example since it is Ethereum-compatible.


OpenSea is your best bet if you choose to buy a Catbot NFT. However, only use the links provided on the CATBOTICA website or the official links channel on its Discord server because there are some scammers posing as CATBOTICA.

Going to the next step. You have to transfer some Ethereum from your Coinbase wallet to your MetaMask (if that’s what you choose) wallet to buy CATBOTICA NFTs on OpenSea. For a step-by-step tutorial, watch the video below.

Finally, you’ll need to verify if you own a Catbot. Visit the website for more information on that.

Taking Part in the Upcoming Replicat Mint

The Replicat Mint is one of the upcoming events on CATBOTICA. In fact, it’s happening later this week so you can get in early for these 3D versions of the 2D NFTs that already exist. Go check it out. The video below offers more information.

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