Craig Wright is a unique man.

Wright who claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto in an exclusive with Finder, accused Binance of engaging in wash trading, money laundering and market manipulation. He also added that the exchange engages in increasing the prices of cryptocurrencies with ‘pre-announcement stuff’ before shorting.

Bitcoin SV’s delisting is an attempt to censor him – Craig Wright.

Wright also explained in his interview with Finder, that the delistings of BSV by some crypto exchanges were done in an attempt to silence him. He stated that the delistings were carried out in order to prevent him from exposing their illegal deeds in the crypto sector.

Wright also accused Kraken and Shapeshift – two crypto exchange that also delisted Bitcoin SV – of taking part in the same activity of money laundering and wash trading.

The self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator said these exchanges were able to get away with their misdeeds because they have ‘no order trail unlike Bitcoin’.

Craig Wright Allegations

Wright claims that the illegal actions of these exchanges help to increase criminal activities like drug trafficking and smuggling.

Wright pointedly stated that ‘people like Zhao support illegal drug industries’ and added a screenshot of US Presidential candidate John McAfee, stating that he was an accomplice to the crimes committed by Zhao.

Why so much bad blood?

Wright’s dislike for Zhao and McAfee seem to be as a result of the fact that they have both rejected Wright’s claim to be Nakamoto; the anonymous creator of Bitcoin.

In April shortly before delisting Bitcoin SV, Zhao in a tweet rubbished Wright’s claim to be the creator of Bitcoin.

McAfee also rejected Wright’s claim to be Satoshi, stating that he was 100% certain that Wright was not the acclaimed creator of bitcoin.

After Binance delisted Bitcoin SV, Kraken and Shapeshift also delisted the coin.


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