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ECIO is an action-adventure galaxy battle game that leverages NFT and the play-to-earn (P2E) model.

The General Manager of Altcoin Buzz, Anindya (Ani) Baidya, anchored the ECIO AMA session on our Telegram channel with Robert, the Community Director of ECIO.

Below is a recap of the AMA session with Robert to understand what they are about. Besides, the AMA is in three segments: introduction, deep dive, and community questions and answers.

Segment 1: Introduction to ECIO

Background Information
Q – Tell us about your company. How was the concept of ECIO created?

ECIO really started as a seed in the brain of our incredibly creative CEO, Bas. He’s a big space fan and into everything that’s floating around in the galaxy and beyond. He formed a team of like-minded people who are all active within NFT, blockchain, gaming, and so on.

He’s been amazing in bringing together the right minds for this and building a team of great designers, developers, and marketers. In the early days, the core team has been discussing how to bring his ideas to life, and from this, ECIO was born.

Q – Tell us a bit about your team. Where is the team based out of?

We have a pretty broad team at the moment, active from all over the world. Our office is incorporated in Singapore, but we have full-time remote workers from Singapore, Thailand, China, Spain, Russia, Brazil, England, and much more. The team has been growing incredibly fast, and we’re still expanding every week.

It’s pretty exciting to see how the world is changing from traditional office-based work to being able to work in a space like this with talent from all over the world on a project of this size.

Segment 2: Deep Dive

Q – ECIO is an “NFT Space Battle Fight-to-Earn Game.” Tell us more about the gameplay.

So, pretty clear is the theme of ECIO is space. Everything revolves around collecting, creating, and strengthening your own Space Crew. This Space Crew consists of warriors that you will use in the several game modes that we’ll have.

You can collect your warriors in different ways:

  • Buy them. Probably the most direct way is to buy a warrior from our native marketplace. You can see the stats and skills and directly decide if the warrior is the correct one for your team.
  • Exchange three identical Genomic Fragments. These fragments are NFT fragments that represent a part of a full Space Warrior. By combining three of them, you’ll get a completed Space Warrior. This method only guarantees the rarity level of your NFT, but not the parts which will be added randomized. The difference with the marketplace is that you won’t know which NFT you will receive.
  • This is a “slot machine” where you feed either $ECIO or $Lakrima, both tokens which you can earn in-game as well, and get a randomized NFT drop. We have gachapons for both full warriors (mostly on special events) and for items (regularly available after launch).
  • Special events / Mystery Boxes. Like our upcoming special NFT drop on Binance NFT. These events will have NFTs available that are always exclusive and, therefore, limited.
Available Game Modes

After you collected your first Space Warriors, you’re able to set out into our Ecosystem and start battling with them. We’ll have a bunch of different game modes, of which:

  • Adventure Mode – Story-based mission mode. You can play through our story-backed chapters that are correlated to the NFT comics that we’ll release soon as well. You can play with up to six warriors.
  • Battle Arena – PVP mode vs real players. Traditional PVP mode with weekly and monthly competition/rankings. You can play with up to six warriors as well.
  • Survival Mode – Here you need to survive waves of enemies for as long as you can. This is the first function that will support real multiplayer and can therefore be played with your friends, meaning you can team up with one to six friends for a total of six Space Warriors.
  • Guild War – As the name suggests, here you’ll need to create/join a guild to join 3vs3 or 6vs6 combat modes. This is a competitive tournament mode that will be held within the guild communities. The tactics of your team become increasingly important here as each team setup will have its own unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • Co-op: This is a mission mode as well but playable with friends (1-6). The difficulty is higher than adventure mode and increases over time as well. You won’t be able to get far without upgraded NFTs, which I will share more later.
  • Boss Raids: The boss raids bring incredibly strong end-game style bosses that, after defeat, bring amazing rewards. These bosses are also impossible to defeat with standard NFTs; you’ll really need to work to be able to beat these.
Other Notable Considerations

To become effective in all of the game modes, you’ll be able to upgrade your NFTs in different ways. There are five different ranks in which you can level up your warrior, and each upgrade can be done by combining three of the same type warrior cards. So to level up an Epic “Ray” for example, you’ll need 3x an Epic Ray NFT and combine these. Two cards will be burned and one card will be upgraded to the next rank. You also have the option to “re-roll” a body part if you’re not happy with the function that it has on your warrior. Upgrading your warrior and changing body parts will cost $ECIO and $Lakrima.

The core importance of the game will be your strategies, combining different types of battle styles and playing around with these to find your best strengths.

Q – How does the game economy work and how is the ECIO (and Lakrima) token utilized in all these?

So we have two tokens, $ECIO, which is already launched, and $Lakrima, which will be launched soon. There are different utilities for each. You’ll need both tokens to upgrade your NFTs, to add on extra NFT parts, and so on. All tokens used for this, and all excess NFTs that you used to upgrade, will be burned.

Q – You have a marketplace launched. What is the demand you are seeing?

There are currently over 1,000 NFTs available on the marketplace. We’ve seen great movement, especially after each NFT drop and the actual launch of the marketplace.

We’re most excited to see what happens after the game launch next month, as this will give the main utility to all the NFTs and fragments that are currently rotating. Another great mover will be the launch of our “Battle Lab” and “Bio Lab,” where you can use Genomic and Blueprint fragments to forge warriors and equipment parts. I know a lot of people have been waiting on these functions.

Q – You have a special NFT drop on February 26 at 11:00 UTC. Tell us more about it.

This has been one of the major milestones for us as well. We’re launching an exclusive NFT collection on Binance NFT on this date. With Binance being one of the main brands within the space, being able to work together with them on this has been incredible for us.

The collection that we’re releasing will be a total of 9,999 Mystery Space Pods. These are Mystery Boxes that guaranteed drop a Space Warrior NFT. There will be 9,800 boxes up for sale, and 199 boxes to be given away through community giveaways and so on.

The boxes will be on primary sale for 45 BUSD. After they’re sold out, Binance opens a secondary P2P round on their marketplace, but I would definitely suggest trying to get them at the first round before the price increases. For those who want to join, the sale is available on the 26th and can be found here.

Q – What can we expect from ECIO in the upcoming days?

There will be a lot of things happening in the coming days/weeks. Firstly, of course, the NFT launch with Binance NFT.

In a few days, we’re opening the Alpha testing for the Alpha Pass holders, and we’ll be releasing our first part of the Comic NFT series. In the upcoming month, we’ll release the $Lakrima token, the Battle and Bio Lab function, and, most excitingly, the actual game.

It’s been an amazing road so far with great support from the community, great effort and work from the team, and amazing support from our partners.

Segment 3: Community Questions and Answers

For this segment, the five best questions shared 500 $BUSD. One of the questions is as follows:

Q. Twitter – Is your gaming platform applicable on a mobile phone or is it only playable on a desktop? Do you have plans to make an application in Android or Google Play/dApp for ECIO?

The Alpha launch will be browser only. The next version, however, will have mobile support as well. The most important reason for this is the stability of the game needs to be solid before we can port it to mobile devices, and we’ll straighten out any bumps in the browser Alpha release.

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