We’ve talked a lot about Openfabric in recent days. And that’s because we love AI crypto projects. But it goes beyond that. Openfabric is one of the best AI crypto projects we’ve covered. It offers a unique set of services that are bound to be in high demand.

We recently talked about some of these services in previous articles. Also, you find our introduction to Openfabric in our earlier piece. Furthermore, Openfabric is currently having its IDO on several launchpads. We already covered that.

Yet, we know that many of our readers have questions about this project. So, this article will shed more light on the ecosystem. 

How is Openfabric Unique?

There are hundreds of AI projects on the market. And you might be wondering, “Is Openfabric any different?” The answer is a simple yes. Openfabric has several advantages over traditional AI platforms:

  • It is more decentralized. This means that no single entity has absolute control.
  • It is more open than most platforms. So, anyone can take part, regardless of their level of experience.
  • It is highly scalable. It can support several AI models.
  • Openfabric’s use cases exceed the crypto space. Researchers and scientists can leverage its services for their practice. These extended use cases add to the long-term value of the Openfabric ecosystem and token.
  • The team will help build custom AI apps for you. That’s something you can’t find elsewhere. You can also use their infrastructure to test your AI app. Or use their hardware and GPU to finish building and testing yours.

Openfabric’s AI Infrastructure

Openfabric’s AI infrastructure is unique in the AI sector. Not all AI platforms assist you in your building process. But Openfabric does. It achieves this by working with different groups:

AI Innovators: They build AI algorithms that can solve real business problems.

Data Providers. They provide and distribute the data needed for AI testing and training.

Infrastructure Providers: They provide the hardware needed to train and test AI algorithms.

Service consumers. They’re the end users who leverage AI to empower their businesses and lives.

What can Openfabric do for me?

 Openfabric brings a lot to the table. And if you’re interested in AI but lack advanced skills, then they are perfect for you. Openfabric helps you deploy AI applications without much complexity. So, even a beginner can use AI with their limited skills.

Furthermore, scalability is a problem for most AI projects. And Openfabric solves that. You can use it to increase the scalability of your applications. It helps you build apps that can handle large amounts of data and traffic.

That’s not all. It also provides security for your apps. It uses blockchain to secure and make your transactions transparent.

What are its top features?

Openfabric uses several products and features to achieve its goal of simplifying AI.

The Openfabric API: This allows users to interact with the ecosystem programmatically. Developers can use the API to build custom applications. Or to integrate Openfabric with other platforms.

The Openfabric SDK allows developers to build AI apps on the Openfabric platform. It provides several libraries and tools to easily integrate AI into applications. This eliminates the time-consuming process of building from scratch. 

The AI marketplace: This is where users can buy and sell their AI services. The marketplaces give developers a platform to monetize their services.

 There are currently more than 50 AI apps on Openfabric. The project has also secured partnerships with several industry leaders, such as:

  • ZkSync,
  • Carbon Browser,
  • Caduceus,
  • Reef,
  • IPFS,
  • API3.

These partnerships are signs of progress. They’ll contribute to building a robust AI ecosystem. Openfabric isn’t an average AI project. The team has serious ambitions to expand in the coming months. On paper, it has all it takes to succeed. And the team has the drive needed to push it forward. So, this is surely an AI project to look out for.


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